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Ladder Man I Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Before the game can start at least one player's score card must be registered
The game has a demo puzzle. This illustrates the basic moves very well. This is a screen shot from the start of the demo
Ladder Man has used his ladder to climb to a Ball Holder, the red/white thing in the previous shot. From this four balls can be generated allowing Ladder Man to move in four directions
This screen shot from the demo shows that Ladder Man can fall from a height if there's a ball beneath him
This is what success looks like. The yellow bar at the top of the screen means that all diamonds have been collected
The main game menu
When the game starts the player can choose to play any room
This is room 1 before any moves have been made
Third attempt and I still have not gotten very far with this puzzle. At least I'm about to get a diamond
Stuck. I need to get through the gap in the ceiling but I've managed to push the ball I need to stand on one position to the right. Ho Hum - attempt 4 coming up
Oh Dear! This is room 2 which makes room 1, the one that I can't do yet, look easy
This is room 3 and it looks quite tricky too.
This is room 30 - the final room. The documentation says nothing about the rooms getting harder as the number increases but I'm guessing that they do.