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Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos Credits (DOS)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos Credits


DesignWilliam Alan Crum, Phillip W. Gorrow
ProgrammingJoseph Bostic, Scott K. Bowen, John LaSalvia, Mark McCubbin, Quing Yuan
MusicFrank Klepacki
SoundPatrick J. Collins, Paul S. Mudra, Dwight Kenichi Okahara
Acting / VoiceoversPatrick Stewart, Richard Smith, Eric Gooch (as Geron), Scotia, Frank Klepacki (as Piglet)
Executive ProducerBrett W. Sperry
ProducerRick Gush
Production CoordinatorCatherine Anne Bartz-Todd
Lead ProgrammingPhillip W. Gorrow
Lead ArtistRick Parks
ArtistsElie Arabian, Fei Cheng, Cary Dean Averett, Eric Gooch, Joseph B. Hewitt IV, Louise Sandoval, Ren Olsen, Judith Peterson
Quality AssuranceJared Brinkley, Jesse Clemit, Kenneth Dunne, Scott Fleming, William F. Foster, Justin Hall, Erik Harshman, Michael Lightner, Ken Love, Scott Manning, Chris McFarland, Paul Moore, Adam Ryan, Bijan Shaheer, Paul Shoener, Glenn Sperry, Jeff Steven Fillhaber
Manual Illustrations/PhotosLisa A. Ballan, Izzy Izaguirre, Lisa Marcinko, Lauren Rifkin
German VoicesRudi Wesseley (as King Richard), Michael Scholand (as Geron), Tanja Engler (as Scotia), Wolf Lindorfer (as Piglet)

Enhanced CD-ROM Version

Casting and ProductionJennifer Ward
Production Co‑OrdinationLisa Fegraus
Original ConceptPhillip W. Gorrow, Brett W. Sperry
Designed byPhillip W. Gorrow, William Alan Crum
Lead ProgrammingScott K. Bowen
ProgrammersJustin McKinnemey, David R. Dettmer
Recorded and Arranged byToto Zara, Midi Works; LV; NV
Editing and Sampling byPatrick J. Collins, Robbie Hamilton, Richard Smith, Jennifer Sward
Special thanks toDavid Plaschon (DMP Entertainment), Steve Stanford (ICM Inc.), Kathy Guild, Neil Young
UK Product Co‑OrdinationJohn Roberts
UK ProductionRobert McGrath, Catherine Spratt
UK Quality ControlJohn Martin
CD ArtworkMick Lowe Design
NarratorPatrick Stewart

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