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atari kombinera

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Intro Animation
Intro animation
Intro animation
Ingame shot
Ingame options - contains saving, loading, speech, moving speed, animated moving, etc.
Bluffing the orc commander
Somewhere deep in Scotia's castle; this is the room where king Richard was held
Magical duel between Dawn and Scotia
The Draracle and his creepy servant Jekal, who play a prominent role in the next two games in the series
Gladstone castle looks quite different from Guardians
Dark forests are almost always hostile
Acidic gas has an interesting effect on a monster
Battling amazons in the White Tower
This game possesses a main advantage to other dungeon-hack games - a map; no more paper dungeons&halls headache
Why is it the beautiful women always want to kill you?
City of Ywell holds many secrets unrevealed
Some weapons are worthy buyings, after all, that money you have doesn't count outside your computer, so feel free to seed something
Dawn doesn't appear to be herself. Remember, there's a psycho hag running around with powers of shapeshifting
Battle against Scotia, who likes to transform
Your character's statistics and stuff he/she carries
Watch out for the holes in the floor, you can end up one or more levels down
The Ruby of Truth reveals Scotia's true form
In this bush lies a rabbit'... a caves to Draracle (Dragon Oracle)
Don't forget, how much oil for the lamp you have, that far you'll see in the dark (by the way, these are Draracle caves, very dangerous indeed)
Mines are dangerous place to dig; stone walls inside are alive, and cannot be harmed with slicing and dicing technique
In swamp you can make allies... or foes
King's armourer leaped to dark forces, and he ask you to join. What's your answer... SWOOSH!
I guess they don't know for negative answer.
She doesn't look so mean after all (not until she morphs), now this is the mother of famous Luther from Guardians of Destiny
Gladstone is under attack!
Several events may lead to future possibilities in the plot. This beggar encounter is one such instance.
Now that's one paranoid ghost...considering he's already dead.
The local bar is not as busy during times of war.
The apothecary provides healing solutions for all your medical needs.
Egad! Copy protection...ah the good old days!
"Could those eyes lie? I guess not..."
The game offers nice medieval themes at first...
...but later the designers got a bit carried away
Women in dark forest