Last Rites Credits (DOS)

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Last Rites Credits


DesignDon McDermott
Game EngineLeslie Long, Tom Nettleship
ProgrammingMarc Littlemore, Leslie Long, John May, Tom Nettleship
ArtRob Bolt, Daniel Bourne, Dylan Bourne, Pete Burrows, Nick Conlon, Andy Gavin, Christian Johnson, Steve Lodge, John Lomax, John Reitze, Don McDermott
MusicKeith Tinman
SFXKeith Tinman
Still ImagesPete Burrows
Level DesignDaniel Bourne, Dylan Bourne, Nick Conlon, Andy Gavin, Steve Lodge, John Reitze, Don McDermott
ProductionIan Turnbull, Nichola Whitworth
Q.A. ManagerNick Evans
Team LeaderKelvin Cannon-Brown
TestersSteven Aspinwall, Erik Young, Jonathan Dale
Additional TestersGeorge Drumer, Stuart Arrowsmith, David Burke, Andrew Shaw, Paul Flanagan, John Brooks, Anthony McGarry, Simon Longworth
Q.A. Administrator  Cheryl Wadsworth
Config TestingRobert Arnold, Simon Crawford
Manual DesignOcean Kreative
Dolphin Trained ByIlyas Kaduji

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159455) and Virgil (8387)