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Last Rites Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu.
Mission objectives, but who cares about them in such games.
These tiny groups of pixels in front of the screen is actually zombies.
Testing Uzi on nearest enemies.
Found a new gun!
Shotgun in Last Rites is even more violent weapon, than in Doom.
That sprite reminds me about Ultima Underworld.
Statistics screen.
Four blue bars in the right upper corner shows health condition of your teammates.
Just like in good old Doom, there're explosive barrels. The only interactive element in most of 3d shooters.
To switch or not to switch?
Time to fry some bacon.
This twitching pile of gore used to be one of your squadmates.
Tough to see, but there's an impressive amount of zombies coming your way.
Many missions have you finding and activating objects.
This mission has you escorting this little robot.
Some excellent loading screen art between levels.
There's no automap. Wall-mounted ones are the best you get.
Traces of humor throughout the game.
A group of rogue mercs have set up deadly turrets on this block.
Down into the sewers for this mission.
Enemies are sprites, so height differences betray their flatness.
Out of the city and into some research facilities.
A fully upgraded Shredded cannon makes short work of tough gray zombies.
Found the subterranean portal to Professor Mordae's lair.
Mordae's been up to some occulty things in his world.
Flying, exploding skulls!
Made it to Mordae, and the final showdown begins.
Small bugs