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atari breakout

Legacy of the Ancients Credits

18 people


DesignCharles W. Dougherty, John C. Dougherty
ProgrammingCharles W. Dougherty, John C. Dougherty
ProducerJoe Ybarra
Assistant ProducerRoland Kippenhan III
Technical SupportSteve Shaw
Product ManagerChris Garske
Art DirectorJudy Campbell
Package DesignLance Anderson (Triad)
Package IllustrationDavid McMacken
MusicJohnny Klonaris
Sound EffectsJohnny Klonaris
Additional ProgrammingJohnny Klonaris, Doug Thelen, Mary Winter
Game ArtworkRoseann Miller, Dan Stechow, Ron Kelly Vanlent
Additional Support & IdeasKen Alfredson, Kris Dougherty, Brian Goluska, Ron Kelly Vanlent

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trixter (9114), cimerians (52) and formercontrib (157961)

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