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The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3 - Malcolm's Revenge Credits


Executive ProducerBrett W. Sperry
Produced byRick Gush
Written byRick Gush
Directed byRick Gush
Programmed byMichael Grayford, Michael Legg
Additional Production Management byDavid Pokorny
ArtistsCary Dean Averett, Chuck Carter, Fei Cheng, Cindy D. Chinn, Penina Finger, Shelly Johnson, Lenny Lee, Jack Martin, Ferby Miguel, Gerald Moore, Ren Olsen
Introduction Art byChuck Carter, Eric Gooch, Lenny Lee, Frank Mendeola, Rick Parks
Music byFrank Klepacki
Sounds byPaul S. Mudra, Dwight Kenichi Okahara
Vocal Editing and Sampling byPatrick J. Collins, Bradley Roberts
Programming Support byJoseph Bostic, David R. Dettmer, Denzil E. Long Jr., William Randolph, Maria del Mar McCready Legg
Quality AssuranceJesse Clemit, Kenneth Dunne, Jim Fowler, Troy Leonard, Michael Lightner, Patrick Pannullo, Christopher M. Rubyor, Glenn Sperry, John Sweeney, Paul Villanueva
Technical DirectionChristopher D. Yates, Phillip W. Gorrow, Steve Wetherill
Vocal Recording Director/Video DirectorJoseph D. Kucan
Vocal Production AssistantWendy Bagger
Voice ActorsHarley Akers (Kallak), Wendy Bagger (Child, Clerk), Douglas H. Baker (Narrator), Robert D. Blomgren (Galley Master, King), Jason Buchanan (Dubert, Line Member), Anthony Castle (Malcolm Jr.), Bill Collins (Fish Cream Jerk, Ed), Merri O'Neal Contino (Rowena), Barbara A. Costa (Brandywine), David E. Cousins (Sculpture), R. C. Favero (Lifeguard, Fort Guard Dog, Teacher), Elena Ferrante (Fish Queen), Jane Gallagher (Attendant), Douglas H. Baker (Convict, Cart Dog, Bat), Gary W. Hyatt (Herman, Louie), Joseph D. Kucan (King Brandon), Kenneth J. Kucan (William), Cliff Lawrence (Funster 1), Eric Martin (Darm, Fluffy, Jean Claude, Funster Bill), Karen McKenny (Cart Cat), Charles Mosher (Foreman, Merman), Ian Pugh (Circus Guard, Vacuum Salesman), Eric Randall (Malcolm, Gunther, Stewart), Julie Stainer (Katherine), Brian Strom (Ghost, Hubert), Bonnie Lynn Toups (Zanthia, Funster Laurie)
German & French Translations bySt├ęphane Radoux, Thomas Schmidt
Video Production & Additional AnimationFelix Kupis
In continuing appreciative memory ofCatherine Anne Bartz-Todd
External QAPC Test, Wasi Wahedi
Creative LabsDavid Fleck, Scott Sindorf, Scott Taylor, Arnold Waldstein
Audio TechnologyHuman Machine Interfaces Inc., Sound Operating System

Virgin London

ProducerPeter Hickman
Software ManagerJon Norledge
Quality AssuranceJohn Martin, Michael Wenn
Special Thanks ToMatthew Spall

Virgin France

General ManagerThierry Braille
Administration ManagerNathalie Bourrel
Public Replations ManagerSamantha Woods
Marketing SupportSabine Humeau

Virgin Germany

General ManagerChristian Gloe
Marketing ManagerMartin Spiess
Product ManagerLouis Beatty

Virgin Irvine

Quality Assurance Mngr.David Maxey
QA Group HeadChris McFarland
Lead AnalystsScott Manning, Chad Soares
Product AnalystsStacey Mendoza, Jon Williams, Mick Love
Product CoordinatorShawn Firminger
Packaging ManagmentLauren Rifkin
Manual EditorMark Polycn
Cluebook EditorDiane Guzman
Special thanks toBarbara Richman, Rand Bleimeister, Russell Kelban

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (195832) and B.L. Stryker (21069)