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The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3 - Malcolm's Revenge Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
As we can see, Westwood always puts standards in making nice pre-rendered animations
A Strike of Destiny
This is Brandon's castle. Everyone if angry at you, so you can't enter. Nicely painted... for an adventure of that time
Visiting Darm, the wizard, and his always sleeping dragon-ess
Malcolm will be thrown in prison if you do certain actions or fail to perform others. There is a way out of there, though...
Malcolm meets a helpful ghost in the graveyard. Is he tormented by guilt - or eager to prove his innocence?..
Malcolm frequently comments on the things he sees. The game has a "laugh track" of the audience - like in TV comedy shows - that makes what he says sound even funnier
That's a lot of people... the bright sprites clash a bit with the smooth backgrounds
Your "bad" conscience - curiously named "Gunther" - will often offer advice and encouragement
A lot of items can be picked up and just moved and thrown around. Many of them come in large quantities; some are not needed to advance
The frog is in the middle of a pre-rendered leaping animation. Very impressive, and smoothly integrated into the game
Bother the mime ten times or so (with rather silly comments), and you'll die!..
Malcolm philosophizes over bovine linguistic peculiarities
Toy blueprints are floating above the machine in the factory. Naturally, this is a puzzle to be solved
Arrived at the Cat Isle - for some reason, there seem to be a lot of dogs. You are in the "Lying" mode; and you have a lot of bones in your inventory
Exploring mysterious Cat Ruins. And... you just caught a flea off yourself. No, seriously: click on Malcolm and you'll get a flea
The jungle on the Isle of cats is a pain to navigate. Which one's help will you take!?
To jump or not to jump... knowing Malcolm, he'll vote for jump
Saily hoo!
You attempt to solve the altar puzzle. Placing a diamond produces this enigmatic result
Hypnotic... hmm
Malcolm must have read "The Hobbit" and wants to recreate a famous episode from that book
School class... but is Malcolm really just an innocent bystander? Guess again
Somewhat surrealistic view in the Fish World. You are awarded points for all sorts of actions
You are playing a weird checkers-like game with this Fish King
This is Hell. Seriously. Elvis is there (?), and people are waiting for their turn to be judged
Underworld - here's where you're popular
Uh-oh. This is getting serious. Choose wisely, player!..
A beautiful, serene nocturnal scene with the sea and a boat
Malcolm is turned into a mouse! Oh no...
This animal is pre-rendered 3D animated as well
Killed during your second voyage to the Isle of Cats. Be careful, Malcolm!
My personal favorite sentence from the game... hehe. Nicely imagined, eh?
When it comes to music, even Frank Klepacki needs Malcolm for help