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The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate Credits


Graphics / ArtworkElie Arabian, Cary Dean Averett, Louis J. Castle, Fei Cheng, Cindy D. Chinn, Cameron Chun, Joseph B. Hewitt IV, Lenny Lee, Jack Martin, Frank Mendeola, Ferby Miguel, Larry Miller, Gerald Moore, Ren Olsen, Rick Parks, Judith Peterson, Louise Sandoval
MusicFrank Klepacki
SoundPatrick J. Collins, Paul S. Mudra
Executive ProducerBrett W. Sperry
Writing / Dialogue / StoryRick Gush
Quality AssuranceJared Brinkley, Jesse Clemit, Kenneth Dunne, Jeff Steven Fillhaber, William F. Foster, Tim C. Fritz, Michael Lightner, John Martin, Chris McFarland, Paul Moore, Chad Soares, Glenn Sperry, Christopher Toft, Joni Williamson, Jon Williams
Direction & DesignRick Gush
Lead ProgrammerMichael Legg
Art ManagmentLouis J. Castle, Joseph B. Hewitt IV
Lead ArtistRick Parks
Joe Kucan's Hair byTheodore A. Morris
Additional Coding byMichael Grayford, Phillip W. Gorrow, Matt Collins
Guest CodingMark McCubbin
Manual, Package Design & FulfillmentEydie Laramore, Lisa Marcinko, Lauren Rifkin, Funhouse Design
Producer LiaisonScott J. Duckett
The PlayersElena Ferrante (Faun), Joseph D. Kucan (Narrator), Michael Kucan (The Hand), Eric Randall (Marko), Bonnie Lynn Toups (Zanthia)
The Players/Darkmoor Swamp:Bill Collins (Other Toad), R. C. Favero (Other Fisherman), Cliff Lawrence (Dragonfly), Eric Martin (Swamp Rat, Fisherman), Charles Mosher (Herb), Brian Strom (Breuth), Marcus Vaughn (Toad), Maria del Mar McCready Legg (The Hand)
The Players/Morningmist ValleyMichael Grayford (The Hand), Rick Gush (Skinny Guard), Michael Legg (Fat Guard), Eric Martin (Farmer Greenberry), Marcus Vaughn (Ghost, Scarecrow)
The Players/Towne of HighmoonDouglas H. Baker (Pirate), Tim Clark (Sailor), R. C. Favero (Sheriff), Jenny Kucan (The Hand), Cliff Lawrence (Octopus, Squawky the Parrot), Eric Martin (Other Pirate, Another Pirate), Brian Strom (Cap'n Bob), Marcus Vaughn (Other Sailor)
The Players/VolcaniaDouglas H. Baker (Smarmy), Julie Balsamo (Bureaucratress), Julie Chirila (Jessica), Ramin Fathie (The Hand), Kenneth J. Kucan (Pa), Eric Randall (Bureaucrat), Denise Schafer (Ma)
The Players/Enchanted ForestDouglas H. Baker (Petrified Tree), Tim Clark (Union Squirrel), Conner Freff Cochran (Other Mystic), Eric Martin (Knight), Charles Mosher (Mystic), Lynda Waskom (The Hand)
The Players/AlpiniaDouglas H. Baker (Abominable Snowman), Robert D. Blomgren (Other Hunter), Bill Collins (Hunter), Speedy Dawn Huntzinger (Foot), Daniel Kucan (Stunt Hand), Theodore A. Morris (Baby Albert), Denise Schafer (Mommy)
Vocal DirectionJoseph D. Kucan
Digital SamplingPatrick J. Collins, Dwight Kenichi Okahara
Audio DirectionPaul S. Mudra
Recorded and Engineered byToto Zara (at MidiWorks)
Special Techno‑WizardryJoseph Bostic, Scott K. Bowen, David R. Dettmer
Supervising ProducerRick Gush
Production AssistantDavid Pokorny
Product CoordinatorJeff Ziel
Asst. Prod. CoordinatorJeff Buccellato
QA ManagerDavid Maxey
QA Group HeadChris McFarland
Lead AnalystChad Soares
Product AnalystsScott Manning, Paul Shoener, Mitch Feldman, Jon Williams
Special Thanks ToBarbara Richman
European Product CoordinationMatthew Spall
European ProducersCatherine Spratt, Robert McGrath, Rizwan Khan
Design & Art CoordinationMatthew Walker
Mentally RealisationD'Arcy Montague

Home Software (Dutch Localization)

Project ManagerHarry van Horen
International CoordinationEllen Willems
Project SupportAllard van Heusden
EditorMarjel Mettau
TranslationRichard Snijders
DesignFont + Files
PrintLibertas Grafische Communicatie

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (202759), Sciere (595253) and formercontrib (158973)