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Legend of the Red Dragon II: New World Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

World map editable with SysOp utilities
Firing up the door, it attempts to exchange some information with its BBS' dropfile
In-game help system
In the beginning...
Generating a character
The story begins. (If you have an ANSI-compliant terminal, that is.)
Starting a daily adventure!
A map of your mother's house
Receiving your first quest from Mom!
Overview map of your village -- the berries are in the middle of the circular area to the right
The first quest completed, another is fast behind!
Building expectations for the greater game world
Your home village's bustling downtown
Combat! Let us bloody our weapons!
Okay, I take it back.
The log tracks both random events and player happenings. I used SysOp powers to revive my character so as to provide you with further screenshots
Player status and inventory
Now where have I seen that map before?
Visiting an old shack in the hills
A face from a distant time...
Sounds like a setup to a quest to me!
Cave entrance. (Light needed to see inside.) Note the time/turn announcement.
What you get out of it really depends on what you put into it
Signage is sometimes more helpful than other times
Greentree, the big city!
Zoomed in, exploring neighbourhood businesses
In the Pawn Shop
Training with Barak
Training has changed from LORD 1, where you fought the teacher. Now you go on a vision-quest of sorts and fight totem spirits in your psyche.
More triumphant combat experience, including power-blows, loot and rewards
This perfectly good ruined castle is up for sale!
If you buy it, you get to store money in its vault!
Engaging skeletons and zombies in the graveyard
What could be at the snowy pass?
Ah. A nag screen.
A random non-combat encounter.
What do those blowhards know?
The game wants to make sure inexperienced players aren't in for a bad surprise
What strange den lies at the centre of the dark woods? Out of turns! And at such a suspenseful junction!
Supposing I'd gotten a second wind, this is the boss that awaits me!