Written by  :  Linlin Fan (1)
Written on  :  Jul 08, 2003
Platform  :  DOS
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I like this classic, funny game!

The Good

I think the music is very interesting. They used Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as dance music for disco - very funny! Also the taxi music was very nice. The graphics are excellent and very colorful. Although I am a girl, I found those women in the game very attractive and sexy. I was really happy when I thought I got a woman ;-) The creator of the game had some fantastic ideas. There are lots of hidden things to discover. The usage of language is very humorous. It was very exciting to always find new things.

The Bad

Sometimes you can die too suddenly, like in the toilet! I didn't expect it. In the convenicence store, I just stole some stuff, but was killed by the owner ;-)

The Bottom Line

In a word, that's a wonderful game, I enjoyed it very much.