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Written by  :  Zovni (10644)
Written on  :  Nov 04, 2002
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars

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Larry 5 is to adventure games (Larry legacy included) what Larry is to women

The Good

Great graphics, great sounds, great production values overall. Just as pretty much all Larry games, this one has a unique style to it, quirky, tongue-in-cheeky, with colorful cartoony graphics, Larry truly does become alive on this game. Everything is silky smooth in this game, just as you would expect from an early 90's Sierra game. In a word: professional.

Also the idea to use multiple characters is always a plus.

The Bad

Well, the game that comes in that shinny, graphically wonderful-streamlined-blablabla package is a piece of crap. It is one of the dullest adventure games I've played. The gameplay is akin to clicking the up & down arrows on a notepad window to scroll a story up & down. No, seriously. This has got to be the worst Sierra adventure gameplay-wise, with puzzles that are almost non-existant and a difficulty level that will make even retarded people shameful. Sierra just felt that they had to try that "LucasArts style" and removed all the "whoops you died" moments from this game, unfortunately they took the lazy route at doing so and just removed every difficult aspect of gameplay, in fact there is no possible way to be stuck on Larry 5, even if you miss critical aspects of the game you can still finish it (ie: at a certain point you need a green card, which you have to use to coax what's-her-name into letting you boink her, yet if you don't get it, she'll still do you, and you'll still be able to carry on with the game as if you had, ditto the evidence in the radio station, etc. etc.)

Furthermore, the humor that usually lifts the Larry games up also takes a kick in the balls. For instance, there's a sequence that involves a gadget operator describing the use of a machine-gun-toting bra to Patty. The sequence devolves into a physical gag, yet as it plays onscreen, the game text describes the joke to you as those obnoxious uncles often do, just to be sure you "get it"...groan... At least there are the usual politically-incorrect jabs that the Larry games are famous for, but for the most part I just sat there looking at the screen thinking "Is this supposed to be funny"..? Uh... should I laugh??" "Lookee, Larry's name just got mispronounced for the umptenth time:... funnnyyyyyyy......weeeee..."

Additionally you get a couple of annoying design choices, such as a password system similar to Zak McKraken's which means you'll have to input the required password many times as you travel around the globe, etc. And for as minor as it may be, just as another reviewer noted: They totally screwed up Larry!! He now looks like an old geezer!! Ah well... that was just bitching.

The Bottom Line

I have not played the entire Larry saga, so I'm not qualified to say whether it's the worst Larry ever or not, but I have a hard time imagining something worse than this. It's definitively the worst "Next-Gen" Larry, and definitively one of the worst and most boring adventure games ever. The only saving feature it has is the lush technical detail, and a definitive late 80's retro-feeling that adds to the game a slightly amusing edge.