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Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Starting location
Photo lab
Being a pianist is not easy... Believe me, I know!..
Playing as Patti: viewing the new command interface
That's a long... limo
...Larry dreams of Patti whenever he is in the limo and heading back to the airport
In the plane
Airport. They all look pretty much alike
Outside of an airport. Attempting to talk to a car
It's your choice!..
I'm sure I like the old-fashioned lingerie
You'll just feel a little prick...
Patty dreams too... just not of Larry
Outside of the Hard Disk Cafe
This maitre d' looks hilarious
Oh wow, Wagner references!..
Meeting the first girl. Stylish close-up on the table
Patti infiltrates a corporate building. This is the message that displays when you use the Hand icon on yourself as her
Naked Patti rides an elevator disguised as a shower, with everyone looking at her
Patti has disguised herself as a rapper... I don't think this joke would fly today
Outside of the Tramp Casino
Playing poker, just like in the good old days
The casino has interesting... art
Watching a live show in Atlantic City
Skating on the pier of Atlantic City
You should get used to this, Larry!..
Why bother, indeed? You cannot lose, and everything is too easy anyway
Beautiful art in this lobby
Meeting the second woman you are supposed to seduce
This is actually one of the game's funniest moments
Patti is recording a song!..
Larry adjusts his zipper in front of the dentist's office in Miami
Larry has appreciation for art
The attractive dentist is taking care of Larry
Larry is not quite used to doing "it" this way...
Nearing the end of the game. Do something, Larry!.. Or don't - the game will let you win anyway!
Title screen (EGA/Tandy)
Part of the opening sequence (EGA/Tandy)
The starting location (EGA/Tandy)
The icons at the top of the screen for performing actions (EGA/Tandy)
This is where Larry works... (EGA/Tandy)
Off to the airport (EGA/Tandy)
Larry flies to a new location (EGA/Tandy)