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Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! Credits (58 people)


Designed, written, directed and produced byAl Lowe
Art DirectorWilliam D. Skirvin
Lead ProgrammingJuan Carlos Escobar
AnimationKarin Ann Young, Donovan Skirvin, Russell Truelove, Phy Williams
Music and Sound EffectsDan Kehler
MIDIfied MusiciansChristopher Braymen (trombone solos), Neal Grandstaff (guitar solos), Al Lowe (saxophone solos)
ProgrammerChris Carr, Victor Sadauskas
System ProgrammersEd Critchlow, Ken Koch, Terry McHenry, Martin Peters
Director of TechnologyBill Crow
Systems TechnologistsDan Foy, Brian K. Hughes, Larry Scott, Christopher Smith, Mark Wilden
Cavalry CodingWilliam Shockley
BackgroundsRuben Huante, William D. Skirvin, Phy Williams
Character Design and BabesRuben Huante
Quality AssuranceDanny A. Woolard
Spanish translationRandall Mage
Voice ActorsJan Rabson (Larry), Neil Ross (Narrator), Julie Amado (Shamara Payne), Jeff Glenn Bennett (Gary the Towl Attendant), Mary Kay Bergman (Charlotte Cavaricci Maid and Voice-Mail Operator), Sheryl Bernstein (Gammie Boysulay and Rose), David Fennoy (Mark and Billy Dee), Edmund Gilbert (Art and Daryl), Marcia Mitzman Gaven (Burgundy), Iona Morris (Shablee and Thunderbird), Ronnie Schell (Jimmy the Bartender and Kenny)
Documentation and Calendar DesignMaria Fruehe, Nathan Gams
Customer ServiceBob Kinnear
Final Configuration TesterRoger Clendenning, Douglas Wheeler
Beta TesterPaul Anderson, Rich Cermele, Sharlene Howard, Terry Howard, Dena Johnson, Bill Larkins, Ivan Luk, Penny May, Della Rogers, Neil Rubenking
Special ThanksRobert Ballew, Bill Crow, J. Mark Hood, Margaret Lowe, Sarah Skirvan, James W. Thomas, Ken Williams

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Credits for this game were contributed by talestalker (44), Jeanne (76427) and Randall Mage (120)