Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen A
Title screen B
The beginning location
The girl at the reception desk
Larry explores the grounds
Looks like Larry can excuse that
Who's this guy driving through the hotel?
The pull down menus are back!
Hmm, no one at the beach
Attempting to order some drinks
Hmm, this mud bath is too hot!
Larry in the locker room
Talking with Merrily
As usual, blocked
There is a floating bar in the pool
Starting location. Note the different interface layout (high-resolution CD version)
Attempting to touch an unknown woman. The game has vasts amounts of varied text feedback to your actions (high-resolution CD version)
Nice perspective and a nice self-reference (high-resolution CD version)
Exploring the area just outside the hotel. Beautiful animations - note the flying bird (high-resolution CD version)
You attempt to touch the guard. He tells you "hands off!" and then unexpectedly explains to you what he really meant (high-resolution CD version)
Larry's room. Pretty fancy, eh? Larry adjusts his zipper if you click the corresponding icon on him (high-resolution CD version)
One of the several humorous death scenes: Larry turns out to be gay!.. (high-resolution CD version)
High-resolution shot of Char for portrait comparison. Larry is his usual charming self... (high-resolution CD version)
High-resolution mud bath shot for area comparison. Colors and proportions seem different, too - compare to the low-res shot of the same place (high-resolution CD version)
A Rose is a Rose, is a Rose!... Right, Larry? Plus another meta-joke (high-resolution CD version)
Environments are colorful and delightfully detailed, especially in this upgraded CD release (high-resolution CD version)
Larry needs a shower! The game explains the presence of naked male characters (high-resolution CD version)
Hmm, now this is a very weird area... (high-resolution CD version)
Close-up on Shablee. Using an unrelated item on her and getting a unique comment (high-resolution CD version)
Dining room. Larry performs one of his random animations. Chefs are running back and forth behind the glass (high-resolution CD version)
So much trouble just for washing your hands?.. (high-resolution CD version)
One of the game's optional scenes. Was it really worth it, Larry?.. (high-resolution CD version)
Relaxing at the bar. This area reminds me most of the previous games (high-resolution CD version)
A plumber is fixing your sink (high-resolution CD version)
Shadowy Larry notices people doing some strange things in this employee's tent (high-resolution CD version)
Each young woman rewards Larry with her own unique scene. This is just one of them... and I'm not sure Larry is going to enjoy it!.. (high-resolution CD version)
Seriously, Larry? A threesome? Well, watch and see what happens... (high-resolution CD version)
Just one of the corridors in the hotel. Beautiful art (high-resolution CD version)
Whoa!.. Scared yet, Larry?.. (high-resolution CD version)
Another "conquering" scene starts late in the game. You can fast-forward it if you want to (high-resolution CD version)