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Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places) Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Copy protection
Intro: decidedly, a devilishly delightful description!..
The intro continues. The evil doctor is ridiculous
Opening screen where the gameplay begins
Exploring Los Angeles. Overlooking the central part of the city
Molto Lira
Molto Lira's clerk
Near the harbor area in LA. This screen appears when you attempt to quit the game
At the docks. Opening one of the menus with the interesting options
The infamous "Boss Key" feature from Sierra. Pressing Ctrl-B will immediately pop-up this screen to fool your employers...
Outside the local Barbershop
Swabs Drugs
Inside the drugstore
Music shop...wonder if it's open?
Larry is captured by the KGB
In the music store - Larry, our champion of bad luck, is just running into trouble without even knowing it...
KROD Television Studio
The Dating Game
There are a few such full-screen scenes in the game. Larry is boarding a cruise ship, thinking of romance...
Larry explores the cruise ship
Water, water all around, but only this much to swim...
You'll have to do some diving in this adventure!..
This game has some of the most numerous and elaborate death scenes in the history of adventures. You can, for example, die from kinky sex with an older woman...
...or by falling for a good-looking spy who will proceed to kill you in a horrifying fashion
Visiting a bar and opening your inventory
Wearing a gray wig, Larry departs on the lifeboat...
The game recaps your adventures with boisterous energy
Oh, oh, Larry... are you finally going to get lucky? Well, play the game and find out!..
In case you wonder why Sierra adventures are so beloved - read this juicy description of such a simple action as taking a knife
The sweet girl in the blue bikini is... our hero in disguise!
Looking for a way in the jungle - I'm never able to skip this scene...
Wearing a bikini, with long blond hair and waxed legs, Larry is being arrested by two suspiciously-looking soldiers in front of an airport
Checking out some item descriptions in the airport
Who's that girl?.. By the way, there are five barbershops in the game.
Hehe... Trite Phrase!
Larry on a plane. The intention in the graphics is to convey the lack of comfort in the economy class (as opposed to the luxurious business class you just passed through)
Parachute jumping with ultra-simple graphics
Another jungle with more Larry-style humor
Native beauty Kalalau has caught Larry's eye
Kalalau and her merits
A singer who will soon change her name...
Beginning the game (CGA 4 color)
Caught at the beach! (CGA 4 color)
On top of a volcano (CGA 4 color)
Lost outside the hotel - CGA 2 color
At the beach - CGA 2 color