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Written by  :  Boston Low (93)
Written on  :  May 17, 2005
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars

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The fist adventure I ever played too!

The Good

I was very little when I played this game... all I knew about games was 'a little guy that jumps and shoots and gets the bonuses'. I was very impressed that here I could really 'communicate' with the PC.

It's really hard for me to say the 'pros' of the game. The graphics were not good however they were ok for that age. The women's portraits were extraordinary!!

There was not much sound but the classic music theme (known as 'For your thighs only') was also good and imaginative for that time.

There was also a bunch of humorous circumstances, like where you die and return to a Sierra lab to be re-assembled. I liked this point. The various comments of the text parser were humorous but not characteristic of Al Lowe, known from the later games. Compared to them, the text and humor is primitive or rather premature. Normal, since this was his first attempt. However there are still many things to 'look at'

Larry is also an open game. You have much to explore from the beginning. This might frustrate some, but gives an impression of freedom. The overall atmosphere (a 'developing' city at night) is always there

The Bad

Ok, I didn't like the poor story and zero character development. Larry is just no-man coming from nowhere. All known about him is in the manual. Same for everything else. But could I forgive this due to the game's oldness? Characters were not very developed back then

Other things also irritated me, like dying where in real life you couldn't (like, flushing a toilet), but could they also be forgiven due to the game's humor??

Irritating were also the card and slot games you HAD to play. Thank goodness you are allowed to save and restore as much as you want. But in that time, such methods were a trick to hold the player to the game as long as possible with as minimal programming as possible. Mazes and mono-games like slots were the most frequent solutions.

Oh, and that age test!! Even Al Lowe admitted the test could be solved only by an adult from the USA (thank the cheat code!)

The Bottom Line

A classic. A must see for all adventure-types, no matter how outdated. Many things someone won't like, like poor graphics etc but those can be overlooked in such an old game. If you can't, try the remake.