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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen. Note the funny animations
This test is supposed to determined your age. The range of topics is quite broad!..
The game begins outside of Lefty's bar
In the bar. Familiar characters?..
The back room
Trying to masturbate in the bathroom - this is how the game reacts. Seriously!..
Hooker's room, with convincingly realistic graphics
Expressive close-up of the hooker
The taxi
Displaying the inventory
Outside of the casino. This apple seller will appear randomly. Some interesting options in the menu...
Here's the to gamble?
Playing blackjack at the casino
Take a chance at the slot machine
You're not funny!..
Some people are such perverts (EGA/Tandy)
Trouble getting into the disco
Larry meets Fawn at the disco
Dancing with Fawn
This is the "calculator" of the game...
Outside of the wedding chapel. This dog would walk around randomly. Standing right in front of an exhibitionist
Exploring the hotel. You get many different responses from knocking on doors
Uh-oh, Larry... are you going to get lucky finally?..
Close-up on Faith. Pretty impressive visuals!..
Nice art on the walls of the penthouse suite
Larry in a hot tub
Is this the girl of Larry's dreams?
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Beginning outside Lefty's Bar (CGA with RGB monitor)
One of many closeups (CGA with RGB monitor)
Getting married? What's Larry gotten himself into... (CGA with RGB monitor)
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
Meet Faith in this closeup view (CGA with composite monitor)
The taxi drops you off at the casino (CGA with composite monitor)
Typing "look" tells you where you are (CGA with composite monitor)
In the Hercules version, typing opens up a dialog box (Hercules Monochrome)
The girl of Larry's dreams? (Hercules Monochrome)
A taxi can take you from place to place... (Hercules Monochrome)
The game starts with Larry in front of Lefty's bar (CGA with composite monitor)
A quick visit to Lefty's (CGA with composite monitor)
Taxis are the best way to travel between game locations (CGA with composite monitor)
Visit the casino if you want to earn (or lose!) some money (CGA with composite monitor)
A blackjack game at the casino (CGA with composite monitor)
The disco is another of the key locations (CGA with composite monitor)
Outside the convenience store (CGA Composite)
The clerk in the convenience store isn't much help (CGA Composite)
Classic Larry (CGA Composite)