The Lemmings Chronicles Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Psygnosis Intro screen
DMA was involved making in this game
Title screen
From the intro, first out of the ark is the classic tribe. Weeee!
Main menu screen. From here you can select to play any of the 3 tribes
First level of the classic tribe
Yay! We saved 19 of 20 lemmings, and the three tribes are happy.
Worldmap overfview for the egyptian tribe levels.
The classic lemmings are walking tirelessly trying to find the exit
The lemmings get rather down if you don't save enough : /
Egyptian level
First egyptian tribe level
Saved almost the bare minimum, we can do better!
Once you progress, the levels get more complicated
First level of the shadow tribe.
Shadow tribe level 7, you have to use that mole to aid you dig through the level.
Shadow Level
Egyptian Level
European title screen