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L'Empereur Ad Blurbs (DOS)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - DOS (US):



    Surging to power in the chaos of the French Revolution, Napoleon dealt the blow that rocked the continent. A military genius, his quest was to destroy his enemies. He rose from the rank of common officer to Emperor of France. No leader ever came closer to unifying Europe.


    The Revolution is over and your neighbors are uneasy. As Napoleon you must strive towards the greater glory of France! Defeat your adversaries and seize the throne.

    Diplomacy and military tactics are key to your success. Stop trade with dissident nations and overthrow their leaders. Dangers await you at every turn-but fight on with the strength of the Grande Armée! Fire cannons from mountain passes, charge your cavalry, and construct bridges to reach your foe.

    Only you can lead the French to victory over Europe!

    • 4 scenarios based on Napoleon's career
    • Cunning opponents to test your military genius
    • Historical battlefields of 19th century Europe
    • Built-in mouse support

    Produced by Kou Shibusawa

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Jul 10, 2008.

Back Cover - DOS (Europe) - German text:
    (Abbildung Untertitelen)
    • Stoppen Sie mit Ihrer Artillerie den Vorstoß der österreichischen Kavallerie. Einkreisungsgefahr vom Süden her.
    • Werden die Engländer in St. Malo landen? Wird Dänemark die Kontinentalsperre einhalten?
    • Haushalten Sie mit ihrem Budget. Födern Sie Industrie und Landwirtschaft.
    • Alle großen europäischen Hauptstädte werden Ihnen zu Füßen liegen, vielleicht sogar Moskau und London!

    Wie wär's mit einem Seitenwechsel? Dieses reichhaltige Spiel wird Ihnen Gelegenheit geben, Napoleons Aufstieg und Fall hautnah mitzuerleben. In der Tat war sein Schicksal, ein Kaiserreich zu gründen, Nationen zu vereinen und Armeen zu besiegen, von den Anfängen in Italien 1796 bis zu seiner fatalen Niederlage bei Waterloo 1815. Tauschen Sie doch mal die Rollen: besetzen Sie Berlin, Wien und Hamburg! Um Österreich und das Deutsche Reich in die Knie zu zwingen, lenken Sie die Wirtschaft und die diplomatischen Beziehungen Frankreichs. Bereiten Sie sich auf den Krieg vor; ob im Sommer oder Winter, auf Land oder auf See, attackieren Sie an allen Fronten! Ihre Belohnung: die Vereinigung Europas, und zwar von 1800 an. Aber sind Sie in der Lage, auch Blücher zu bezwingen?

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Apr 03, 2004.

Back Cover - DOS (Europe) - French text:
    (Légendes D'Image)
    • Brisez avec votre Artillerie la Charge de Cavalerie Autrichienne. Attention à l'encerclement par le Sud.
    • Les Anglais vont-ils debarquer à St-Malo? Le Danemark respectera-t-il le Biocus?
    • Surveillez votre trésorerie et vos stocks de nourriture. Favorisez l'Industrie et l'Agriculture.
    • Toutes les grandes capitales Européennes seront à vos pieds. Peut-étre méme Moscou et Londres!

    Un Empire à créer, des nations à unifier, des armées à défaire, tel fut le destin de NAPOLEON 1. Revivez à votre manière son irrésistible ascension au tróne de 1 Empereur des Francais depuis la Campagne d'Italie en 1796 jusqu'à la défaite fatale de Waterloo en 1815.
    Ce jeu, d'une richesse inouie vous permettra de contróler les principaux leviers de l'Economie et de la Diplomatie de la France. A vous de recruter et de récompenser les meilleurs officiers de ce temps. Hiver comme été, par mer ou par terre, emmenez et motivez vos troupes.
    Votre récompense, unir l'Europe et ce dés 1800!!
    Mais saurez-vous vaincre NELSON, WELLINGTON, BLÜCHER??

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Apr 03, 2004.

Back Cover - DOS (Europe) - English text:
    (Picture captions)
    • With your artillery, stop the Austrian cavalry's charge. Beware of being surrounded from the South.
    • Will the English army disembark at St-Malo? Will Denmark respect the Continental System?
    • Take care of your treasury and your food reserves. encourage industry and agriculture.
    • All the great European capitals will be at your feet. Maybe even Moscow and London.

    What if you changed sides for a time? This incredible game will give you the unique opportunity to relive Napoleon's unstoppable rise to power and to the Emperor's throne. Indeed his destiny was to build up a mighty Empire, unifying nations and defeating armies from his first campaign in Italy in 1796 to the fatal disaster at Waterloo in 1815. You must run both the economy and France's diplomacy to your best advantage. Attack Berlin and Vienna. Reinforce the Continental System. Even prepare for the invasion of England! Wether on land or sea, train your troops thoroughly, boost the morale of your officers, and attack on all fronts.
    Your reward: Europe's unification from 1800 on!! But will you be able to defeat NELSON and WELLINGTON?

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Mar 27, 2004.

Advertisement in Computer Gaming World, June 1992:

    Real World Adventure.

    The battlefield becomes your passport to adventure and world domination as you assume the role of Napoleon Bonaparte. With the French revolution over, you must first gain control of France and then use your new power to conquer all of Europe. You must rule with fairness and diplomacy if you are to contimue to build the empire you desire. As you become Master of those around you, men fall to their demise by your command and citizens flock to your side as you charge into battle. For, to play L'EMPEREUR, it is not enough to win a battle, you must also win the war!


    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Oct 24, 2001.