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Advertisement in Computer Gaming World, November 1990:
    The Best of the Future

    Journey to the far future, to a time when Earth is uninhabitable, and you must find a new home for Mankind. The company that revolutionized combat flight simulation has taken another bold step with Lightspeed.

    You control a starship 15,000 feet long and armed with turret-mounted lasers, a devastating plasma cannon and fightercraft you pilot directly. Determine how much energy to use for defense screens, blasters and afterburners. Super 3-D Graphics - more detailed than ever before - deliver space combat action the way it was meant to look. A stirring original soundtrack presents the future as it was meant to sound.

    Explore star clusters and the hundreds of planets they contain. Negotiate with over 25 alien species for valuable raw materials and binding peace treaties in fascinating role-playing sequences where you must deal with each species' unique appearance, customs, cultural biases and method of communication.

    The first space game to combine sophisticated role-playing with state-of-the-art technology, Lightspeed is the future made available today. As always, MicroProse presents the Best of Times.

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