Links 386 CD Credits (DOS)

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Links 386 CD Credits

Links 386 CD Design Team

Programmed byRoger Carver, Kevin Homer, Travis Driscoll, Don B. Stringham, Brian Stringham, Paul Johnson, Mike Dufort, Steven D. ZoBell, Matt Dawson
Computer Graphics byBruce Carver, David F. Brown, Mark Hulka, Nathan Larsen, Brian Johnson
Sound byJon Clark
Manual Documentation byJames H. Fedor, Steve Johnson, Bruce Carver
Manual Design byJames H. Fedor, Steve Johnson, Bruce Carver
Flyby Narration byKevin L. Jones
Comic CaddieBobcat Goldthwait
Sound Operating System byHuman Machine Interface Inc.

Championship Course Design Team

Acquisition and Photography byZeke McCabe
Video Tape and Topographical Layout byJohn Berven
Detailing byJohn Berven, Steven Barnes, Mark Mazzei, John Harmon, Chad Fernelius, Perham Mohadjer, Steve Cluff, Mark McArthur
Computer Graphics byBruce Carver, Don Rasmussen, Bradley Beck
Object Placement byJohn Berven

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks toMike Bicker, Claudia Nielsen (for their great swing animations), Harbour Town Golf Links, Banff Springs, and The Belfry [European version] for allowing us to include their beautiful and challenging courses in Links 386 CD, Callaway Golf for permission to use the image , title page, and chapter headings of this manual., , All our Beta Testers

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