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Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover:
    Hungry for lunch, you scan your radar view and detect a nearby herd of giraffes. Your endurance and strength ratings are low, so you'll have only one shot. You gather your pride downwind and strategically plan the attack. Kabaka drives the giraffes toward you, Umar comes in from the left and you both go in for the kill. Life is good when you're the King of Beasts ... or is it? Food and water become scarce, poachers hunt you down and predators attack your pride. Do you have what it takes to survive in this incredibly realistic wildlife simulation?

  • Play 20 different lions, each with distinct capabilities, talents and kill-success ratings.
  • Complete 20 mission-based scenarios containing exciting and deadly challenges.
  • Play as single nomad or control multiple lions in a pride.
  • Become the hunter or the hunted. Radar-style maps locate eleven varieties of prey and two types of predators.
  • Create your own free-form simulation choosing from 5 difficulty levels.
  • Take a Safari into the wilds of Africa designed to enhance your game. The more you develop a lion's instincts, the higher your score.
  • Fast, fluid 3-D graphics and dynamic sounds create the ultimate simulation.

  • Experience the ferocious power of Lion today! Where else can you be rewarded for your animal behavior.

    The Predator Series
    Games you can really sink your teeth into.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76515) on Sep 14, 2002.