Lion Credits (DOS)

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Lion Credits


Published bySanctuary Woods
Development byManley & Associates
Design byManley & Associates
Executive ProducerDiana Bury
ProducersDavid Hasle, Khanh T. Le, Kent Peterson, Diana Bury
Lead ProgrammerMichael Lankerovich
ProgrammersMatthew A. Campbell, Ryan Geithman, Charles Walters, Robert Ridihalgh
Support ProgrammersGeorge Stults, Ned Wallace, Terry Harmer, James Hague, Vladimir Potap'yev
Lead ArtistsBrian H. Johnson, David K. McCormack
ArtistsPeter Fries, Mike Cressy, Victor Von Beck
Support ArtistsDavid Hasle, Andy L. Fuller
MusicRobert Ridihalgh, Jay Weinland
SoundRobert Ridihalgh, Jay Weinland
Lion Safari WriterVictoria Carlyle Weiland
Lion Safari EditorMark Rose
Lion Safari NarratorTimothy White
Lion Safari Digital VideoMing Lau
Manual WritersDiana Bury, Victoria Carlyle Weiland
Manual EditorsDiana Bury, Victoria Carlyle Weiland
Manual and Box DesignSoo Hoo Design
Quality AssuranceBruce Bider, Alfonso Brooks, Robert Bryon, Chris Capell, Bruce Elder, Robert Eryou, Dan French, Clayton Johnson, Gayle Johnson, Darren Keetley, Kimberlie Manuel, Cam McKeown
MarketingStacey Lamiero, Carri Gustafson, Nancy Miller
Public RelationsLaurie Thornton Neff, Switzer Communications
International TranslationsChris Olin, Rob Roesler
Lion Safari Video SourcesFabulous Footage Inc., The Image Bank Film, MPI Media Group, National Geographic Society
Special Thanks toBug Police, Donna Bury, John Colon, John P. Conley, Douglas A. Deardorff, Michael Grant, Michael Lewis, Gordon Ludlow, Mike Mihojevich, Chris Osheroff, James Prickett, Niki Ruxton, Cosmo Scrivanich
Based on a Design byJohn Baron, Mark Rose

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159487) and B.L. Stryker (21069)