Loom Credits


A Fantasy byBrian Moriarty
Project LeaderJennifer Sward
Lead DesignBrian Moriarty
Characters Designed and Animated byGary Winnick, Steve Purcell
Visual Effects Animation byKen Macklin, Gary Winnick, Steve Purcell, Mark J. Ferrari
Additional ProgrammingPeter Lincroft, Kalani Streicher
Conversion / PortingAric Wilmunder
Interpreter / Development SystemRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder
Graphics / ArtworkJames Alexander Dollar, Mark J. Ferrari, Avril Harrison, Ken Macklin, Steve Purcell, Gary Winnick
Additional Graphics / ArtworkAnson Jew, Michael McLaughlin
Music byPyotr Tchaikovsky
MusicEric Hammond, Gary Hammond, David Hayes, Andy Newell, George Alistair Sanger, David Warhol
ProductionShelley M. Day
Cover ArtMark J. Ferrari, Dugald Stermer
PackagingRick Strand
MarketingMary Bihr
ProducerGregory D. Hammond
Lucasfilm Games V.P. and General ManagerSteve Arnold
Director of Software DevelopmentAkila Redmer
Director of MarketingDoug Glen
Director of OperationsDavid Fox
Print Production and Manufacturing ManagerLyza Latham
Public RelationsBetsy Irion, Kim Domino
DirectorJohn Reiger
Writing / Dialogue / StoryOrson Scott Card, Sara Reeder, Jennifer Sward
SupportAndy Murdoch
Administrative Support byAndrea Siegel, Stacey Lamiero, Wendy Bertram, Meredith Cahill, Debbie Ratto, Paula Hendricksen
Lead TesterKirk Roulston, David Popovich
PlaytestingJo Ashburn, Bret Barrett, Terry Bratcher, Tom Canham, Eric Christensen, Wayne Cline, Justin Graham, Carla Green, Jon Gubman, Howard Harrison, Chip Hinnenberg, Tony Hsieh, Tim Huber, Eric Liu, Ron K. Lussier, Maniac Maxo, Ezra Palmer-Persen, David Popovich, Alice Rosen, Kirk Roulston, Patrick Sirle, Jennifer Sward, Tabitha Tosti, Aileen Treadwell, Judith Lucero, Ron K. Lussier, Eli Mark, James Purple Hampton ("Purple" Hampton)
Thanks toTom Scott
Special Thanks ToOrson Scott Card, Noah Falstein, Carolyn Knutson, George Lucas, James Wood
SCUMM Story System byRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder
Manual Design byMark Shepard
"Talkie" SCUMM byAric Wilmunder

Game Audio Production Credits (CD-ROM Talkie)

Director (Audio)John Reiger
Recording EngineerAndy Murdoch
Musical ScoresAndy Newell
Edited and Mixed byAndy Murdoch, Andy Newell
Recorded atEarwax Studions in San Francisco California
The CastRichard Seyd (voice of "Bobbin"), Lauren Jones (voices of "Cygna" "Fleece" "Chaos" and "the Nymph"), Donada Peters (voices of "Lachesis" and "the Dragon"), Kenna Hunt (voices of "Clothos" and "Narrator"), Robert Emmet (voices of "Edgewise" and "Shepards"), David Case (voices of "Bishop" "Atropos" and "Shepards"), James Carpenter (voices of "Goodmold" "Crucible" "Forge Guard" and "Stopper"), Tom Whitworth (voices of "Foreman" "Flute" "Cob" "Rusty" "Stoke" and "Shepards"), Pat Franklyn (voices of "Hetchel" and "Shepards")

German Team

ProgrammingBoris Schneider-Johne
TranslationBoris Schneider-Johne
Box and Manual DesignUwe Schaffmeister
Public RelationsKristin Dodt
TesterThomas Heinks, Julian Eggebrecht, Stefan Graen, Ramiro Vaca, Volker Marohn

Audio Book Cassette Credits

A Fantasy byBrian Moriarty
Produced byJohn Rieger
Directed byJohn Rieger
Music Composed byJerry Gerber
Music Performed byJerry Gerber
CastLois Betterton (as Elder Clothos), Rosey Black (as Lady Cygna), Pat Franklin (as Hetchel), David Case (as Elder Atropos), Donada Peters (as Elder Lachesis), Edmund Kimbell (as Young Bobbin), Richard Seyd (as Teenage Bobbin)
Sound Design ConsultantRandy Thom
Executive ProducerDoug Glen
Production CoordinatorsMary Bihr, Cate Coombs
Package DesignRick Strand
Special Thanks ToErik Bauersfeld, Tom Scott, Tami Butcher, Susan Leahy, Robin Veasey, Cheryl Ridenour, Stacey Lamiero, Paula Hendricksen, Scott Schuman, Steve Arnold, George Lucas
LOOM was recorded atSkywalker Ranch
bySprocket Systems a division of Lucasfilm ltd.

German Audio Book Cassette Credits

Translated byBoris Schneider-Johne
Production (Germany)Hans-Joachim Herwald
Directors (Germany)Lothar Zibell, Hans-Joachim Herwald
CastHilde Krekel (as Lady Cygna), Marianne Bernhardt (as Hetchel), Ursula Vogel (as Elder Clothos), Helgo Liebig (as Elder Lachesis), Hans Paetsch (as Elder Atropos), Fridolin Baldenius (as Young Bobbin), Niko König (as 17-year-old Bobbin)
Studio GermanyRabbit‑Studio Bönningstedt

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