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User Reviews

Limited musicality Unicorn Lynx (181446) 3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars
A Graphic Adventure and NO Inventory? Surely you jest! Chris Martin (1204) 4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars
Very innovative, yet overrated Andreas SJ (22) unrated
Music and magic are only two letters apart Christina Nordlander (26) unrated
A genuine proof of inspiration, talent and creative freedom jorgeabe (14) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
Fantastically compelling classical adventure Zovni (10627) 3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars
A bit aged but still magical, and very original. Shazbut (167) unrated
Loom is the epitome of LucasArts creative talent, and storytelling mastery. Seer (57) unrated
Small and perfectly formed jossiejojo (41) unrated
Probably the single best game in recent history. Tomer Gabel (4634) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.4
Overall User Score (159 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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The Retro Spirit (Dec 06, 2005)
Loom er et av de spillene man enten har prøvd og husker svært godt, eller aldri har hørt om og skammer seg deretter. Hvis du på et eller annet fantastisk vis ikke har prøvd en av Lucasfilms aller største juveler er det sannelig på tide. Eventyret er ikke bare morsomt, men også spennende og fantastibringende - for både unge og gamle.
Micro News (May, 1990)
Une aventure passionnante et reposante, originale et complexe.
Dragon (Jul, 1990)
This review boils down to the fact that Loom is special. It is highly entertaining and is so unusual that you must experience it. We recommend its purchase.
Génération 4 (Apr, 1990)
Au niveau de la réalisation, Loom est exemplaire. Les graphismes sont superbes et l'animation des personnages vraiment très réussie. De plus, le jeu n'est pas dénué d'humour, loin de là. Au bout du compte, un logiciel très excitant qui doit absolument intégrer toute ludothèque digne de ce nom.
91 (Jan 31, 1990)
Loom ist ein kleines Kunstwerk, ein märchenhaftes Adventure voller Atmosphäre und Innovation. So stelle ich mir ein Adventure vor! Das musikalische Puzzeln macht – zumindest mir – noch mehr Spaß als die Point-n-Click-Steuerung von Maniac Mansion und Konsorten. Definitive Empfehlung!
Aventura y Cía (Nov 30, 2001)
Loom es una fábula hecha aventura, rezuma encanto desde todos los ángulos. La atmósfera es tan envolvente que nos imbuye por las retinas el cuento de hadas tan bellamente narrado.
The Loom recipe is frustrating because it's almost perfect. The combination of audio tape, superb animation, sound, and storyline is potentially very powerful when it comes to narrative games. What's needed, however, is a mite more interaction with the environment and the people in it. That doesn't need a text parser, but imagine what this system would be like with a couple command icons and the ability to swap control/viewpoint between, say, three different characters. Then you've got something really special. As it is, we're left with a game that's great for younger players but will leave the rest of us craving a little more zap.
I said it before, but putting a positive spin to it, Brian Moriarty is a perfectionist. It's strange that he was satisfied with the game as it is. As good as it is, it's far from perfect. It works very well as an "interactive story" – it's not much of a game. This is a direction which is only explored in amateur/indie games these days. Kind of a pity, because Loom is truly groundbreaking in this respect. It's great and frustrating at the same time: It teases us with what it could have been, but at the same time, it is already very good.
Loom may be criticised for being too easy, especially for the money you're paying (although there is an extra 'atmosphere' audio cassette included). This is fair comment but nevertheless it is a wonderfully experience. Graphically and aurally excellent, Loom manages to exude a refreshing innocence reminiscent of the classic Disney films. Sit back and let it flow all over you.
Oldies Rising (Aug 18, 2008)
Dans un jeu comme Ultraman, la faiblesse de la durée devient une force du jeu. Ici, c’est bien la frustration qui prévaut quand vous découvrez le splendide et énigmatique ending qui intervient beaucoup trop tôt. Tout a été mis en œuvre pour vous faire aimer Loom : une réalisation splendide, une bande son reconnue par tous les plus grands artistes et un gameplay original. Dommage de ne pas pouvoir s’adonner plus longtemps à cette expérience vidéoludique de haut vol. Ne vous fiez pas à la note influencée par ce problème de durée de vie : Loom est un jeu à posséder absolument pour tous les fans d’aventure qui ne pourront qu’apprécier ce conte de fées interactif.
Retro Archives (Jun 30, 2017)
Loom est un jeu unique, un jeu touchant, un jeu original et un jeu magnifique ; mais un jeu un peu trop court et un peu trop dirigiste, malgré tout. Reste une très belle balade dans un univers à nul autre pareil, avec Tchaïkovski en fond sonore – et je vous la conseille volontiers.
It took me only one six-hour session to get from beginning to end, as opposed to almost a full day's play in Zak McKracken, and for £35 I think you should get more for your money. Don't get me wrong - Loom is an extremely clever game which at times will have you tearing your hair out in sizeable chunks; trouble is, it's too good - you won't want to leave it alone (I missed a lunch hour playing it!) but for a product which looks as though it could go on for ever, Loom is ultimately disappointing just because it's all over so quickly.
The One (May, 1990)
It's all good fun though. The on-screen graphics and animation surpasses the standards set by Sierra and gives the feel of a movie - in fact the whole thing comes across as more of a film or a book than an adventure in the 'traditional' sense. Strangely the manual states that it is designed to be completed rather than stuck on a shelf, so you get the feeling that Lucasfilm wanted to present a story rather than a game. As such it works well: the characters are captivating, the settings in atmospheric and you want to see what lies next. As a game though, it could use a lot more meat.
Techtite (2000)
This audio prologue, with fantastic music and voice acting, was reason enough to buy the game. The game itself was even better. Rating of the game goes down a notch because of a peculiar ending choice, though it was still fun.
Quandary (Nov, 1995)
This game was first released in 1990 then re-released on CD-ROM in 1992, an "old" game by computer standards. However it does have full soundtrack for music and speech with a true point and click interface and there are no configuration hangups as the CD plays as an audio CD. (In fact you can put it in your Audio CD Player and hear the entire soundtrack without any punctuation or logic!) It even runs happily on a single speed CD-ROM without a sound card by plugging headphones or speakers into the headphone socket.
"Long after the passing of the Second Shadow, when dragons ruled the twilight sky and the stars were bright and numerous,” comes the epic adventure of Loom. Loom is a graphic adventure game set in a fantasy world inhabited by members of the Great Guilds. Each of these Guilds, including the Blacksmiths, the Shepherds, the Glassmakers, and the Clerics, possesses secret knowledge about its own crafts gained over generations. Among these Guilds are also the Weavers, who have decided to settle away from civilization so not to involve themselves with the earthly politics and affairs of the other mortals. The rules of the Weavers are strict, and they prohibit membership to any but the child of a member from their own Guild. Over the centuries, the fabrics woven by the Weavers have earned the envy of the whole world and their techniques have transcended to the realm of magic such that they can even weave the fabric of reality itself.
Doch ob nun mit oder ohne Kopf, Loom hat wunderschöne Tschaikowsky-Soundtracks und die vermutlich einfachste Handhabung der Adventuregeschichte zu bieten: Per Mausklick wird Bobbin bewegt, ein paar weitere Klicks aktivieren die Spells — fertig. Nur schade halt, daß man mit dem Spiel selbst fast ebenso schnell fertig ist!
(page 25)
Adventure's Planet (Mar 07, 2007)
Tirando le somme, Loom è un classico, uno di quei giochi che dovrebbe essere affrontato “didatticamente”, per comprendere il passato e le “origini” di quello che è oggi un'avventura grafica. Il gioco ha di certo i suoi ampi limiti, di longevità soprattutto, ma anche di sceneggiatura che a dire la verità è piuttosto sempliciotta e banale, con dialoghi ridotti all'osso e poco approfonditi. Resta il fatto che col suo gameplay innovativo, l'ottimo doppiaggio e la sua coinvolgente – e perché no, anche magica - atmosfera fiabesca è un gioco che ha fatto “storia” e non può che rimanere nel cuore di chi lo gioca.
75 (Sep, 2008)
There’s not a whole lot more to it than that. It plays like Indiana Jones, only totally different, and it gives you a totally different approach to the Lucasart way of things. There’s no longer only one option, but a few. Take it as you like, but for gods sake enjoy the story line for what it is because by god is it brave. You won’t experience another story like it. So enjoy it. Embrace it.
Adventure Corner (Apr 21, 2003)
Insgesamt gehört 'Loom' zu den schlechteren LucasArts Adventures. Die gute Atmosphäre, kann nicht über die recht schwachen Rätsel hinwegtrösten. Zumindest Fantasy Fans werden ihre Freude an 'Loom' haben, während Freunde knackiger Rätsel nicht auf ihre Kosten kommen.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 24, 2009)
Loom sort of deviates from the kinds of things LucasArts had made themselves known for both with the absence of the trademark verb paradigm and the lack of any real items to pick up beyond the distaff. It does have one thing in common with many of their other games though: a lot of personality fleshing out each character. While those in Loom may not have been quite strong enough to establish a series around as the plan had previously gone, this was in a time when the company was still trying to get noticed, which happened with their next effort, Secret of Monkey Island. With that series, they’ve accomplished just about everything they ever would’ve with Loom, if it were extended. Oh, and they sold a couple copies, too.
Adventure Gamers (Jan 30, 2003)
As Loom opens, it’s the dawn of Bobbin’s 17th year! Hurrah, a birthday! Summoned to meet the patriarchal elders, Bobbin, in the typical fashion of all eavesdroppers, fails to hear anything good about himself, instead discovering he is to be banished from the Island. Suddenly a ‘draft’ or spell rebounds upon them, bizarrely turning the entire community into swans! In typical adventure gaming fashion, he must now begin a direful quest to save his Guild and prevent an evil Third Shadow falling. Hmmm—seems Bobbin had best put the jelly and ice cream on hold...
Adventure-Treff (Jan 10, 2002)
Loom ist einfach und kurz, und doch ein Meisterwerk. Es spielt sich leicht, und trotzdem steckt viel Tiefe und Sinn dahinter. Meiner Meinung nach ein absolutes Muss für LucasArts/Film Fans, und ein durchaus empfehlenswertes Spiel für Adventure Fans, die die veraltete Optik nicht stört. Loom ist in der LucasArts 10 Spiele Sammlung erhalten, jedoch nur in der EGA Version. An die VGA Advanced Version, die wirklich besser aussieht, heranzukommen, würde ich bei einem Auktionshaus vorbeischaun, wo es für höchstens 3€ zu haben ist.
PC Games (Germany) (Jan, 1993)
Als einer der wenigen Ausrutscher erwies sich das ambitionierte Loom, das von keinem geringeren als dem ehemaligen Infocom Designer Brian Moriarty entwickelt wurde. Zwar benutzte auch Loom das SCUMM-System, doch es spielte sich deutlich anders und spaltete die Spielewelt in zwei Lager. Die einen waren schlichtweg begeistert, während der Rest dieses Spiel für wenig spielbar hielt. Unumstritten sind jedoch die audio-visuellen Qualitäten dieses Spiels. Unglaublich schöne EGA(!)-Grafiken und Musikstücke von Tschaikowski machten Loom zu einem spektakulären Ereignis sondersgleichen. Die beigelgte Hörspiel-Kassette und der offene Spielverlauf lassen Loom zu einem Spiel werden, das sich in kein festes Genre einordnen läßt. Es ist weder Adventure noch Rollenspiel, hat jedoch auf alle Fälle seine besonderen Reize, die man sich zu Gemüte führen sollte.
Spielerisch hat Loom nicht viel auf dem Kasten; selbst für Einsteiger werden zu wenige Puzzles geboten, die alle leicht durchschaubar sind. Immerhin sorgen Grafik, Sound und die zauberhafte Story für einen speziellen Reiz.
Einfach unglaublich, was der Grafiker bei diesem Spiel aus der EGA-Karte herausholt. Bilder mit solch fantastischen Farbabstufungen sieht man auf einem PC-Monitor nicht alle Tage. Außerdem besticht "Loom" durch eine ausgefeilte und wunderschöne Geschichte sowie einer Benutzerführung, die Maßstäbe setzt. Die Freude an dem höchst professionellen Programm hält leider nicht lange vor, denn bei der Komplexität hapert's gewaltig. Selbst Einsteiger dürften die Abenteuer von Bobbin an einem Wochenende durchgespielt haben. "Loom" ist kein schlechtes Spiel - ganz im Gegenteil, es macht riesigen Spaß. Leider bekommt man fürs Geld zu wenig Puzzles geboten. Fortgeschrittene Spieler werden deswegen kaum auf ihre Kosten kommen.
PC Leisure (Jun, 1990)
There's no doubt that this is a charming tale, well presented and with graphics to put Sierra to shame, but it's really only going to appeal to novice adventurers or fantasy enthusiasts who've run out of books. And at £34.99 it's an expensive story.
Alles in allem muß ich aber aufgrund des monotonen Spielgeschehens eher von LOOM abraten, auch wenn bald eine deutsche Version erscheinen wird. Von packendem Spielgeschehen, wie es LUCASFILM dem Käufer verspricht, konnte bei mir jedenfalls keine Rede sein.
Power Play (Jul, 1990)
Die Grafik ist fantastisch. Manchmal will man nicht glauben, daß nur 16 Farben am Bildschirm zu sehen sind. Bei der Musik stand Tschaikowkys Schwanensee Pate: Langsam werden Computerspiele erwachsen. Doch leider ist Loom nicht besonders umfangreich. Man hat maximal ein Wochenende Spaß; dann hat man alle Ecken gesehen. Wer auf hartes Knobeln wie bei "Indy III" und "Zak McKracken" steht, wird enttäuscht. Wer dagegen auf eine tolle Geschichte in Kinoqualität steht und seine Freunde mit einer Masse Grafik beeindrucken will, der hat Spaß.
This all sounds as though I didn't like it. Well, I was certainly disappointed at how easy the game was. Even though I knew it wasn't going to be on the same level as Beyond Zork (done by the same author), I did expect something a little tougher. On the other hand, aside from that one instance in the glass city, the game is put together well, and everything fits in very smoothly with the story line. So I liked it for its construction and concepts (yes, and the graphics!), but as an adventure game, it is just too lightweight.

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