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atari saboteur

Loom Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Lucasfilm company logo (EGA)
Title screen
Bobbin Threadbare
The Elders' tent
Elder Atropos
Attacked by a swan
The Emerald City
Learning the "Dyeing" and "Emptying" spells (Expert mode) (EGA)
Graveyard - Looks like the owl has preparations for dinner (Expert mode) (EGA)
If only spinning straw into gold works in real life (Expert mode) (EGA)
Peering into the future (Expert mode) (EGA)
That's one big waterspout! Time to un-waterspout it...(Expert mode) (EGA)
Voila! The terror spell does wonders to the local thugs! (Expert mode) (EGA)
Welcome to Dragon Airways...the only way to fly! (EGA)
That's one big anvil! (EGA)
This is where all the Weavers go in the end... (EGA)
Title screen (VGA/CDROM)
The Weaver Island (VGA/CDROM)
This is you, Bobin Threadbare (VGA/CDROM)
The camps (VGA/CDROM)
The Loom (VGA/CDROM)
A view of the Great Hall (VGA/CDROM)
Your first clue (VGA/CDROM)
Copy protection (Hebrew version)
Introduction (Hebrew version)
Lady Cygna's grave (Hebrew version)
The elders (Hebrew version)
Dame Hetchel (Hebrew version)
Lord Atroposs (Hebrew version)
Storm could be add one letter (VGA)
Magician's joke (VGA)
Dragon's house (VGA)
Blacksmith's guild (VGA)
Bad's castle (VGA)
Lucasfilm logo (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)
The game beginning (CGA)