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Lords of the Realm II Credits (DOS)

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Lords of the Realm II Credits


Game DesignerDavid Lester, Chris Beatrice, Simon Bradbury, Eric Ouellette
ProducerEric Ouellette
ProgrammingSimon Bradbury
Creative DirectorChris Beatrice
ArtistsAdam Carriuolo, Heidi Mann, Mike Malone, Scot B. Forbes, Dennis Rose
WriterTodd Capute
MusicKeith Zizza
Sound EffectsKeith Zizza
Audio Video EngineerSteven Serafino
Quality Assurance ManagerStephen Grammont
Lead TesterDouglas Gonya
Quality AssuranceJoseph McGuire, Ken Parker, Jon Payne, Edward Pugsley
Game MapsDouglas Gonya, Edward Pugsley, Ken Parker
Battle MapsEdward Pugsley, Jon Payne
Voice ActorsGeorge Piel, Paul Hecht, Felix Van Dyke, Jo Haden, Richard Cooper, Julian Halloway
Special Thanks toKen Ford, Steven Serafino
German LocalizationAntje Hink
German VoicesBerth Wesselmann, Jochen Bartels, Cornelia Bitsch
German TranslationEva Stabenow

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