Lost Eden Credits


Graphics byJean-Jacques Chaubin, Isabelle Grospiron, Danièle Herbulot, Philippe Jedar, Yvon Trevien, Sohor Ty
Programmed byPatrick Dublanchet
Music byStéphane Picq
Sound byStéphane Picq
Texts bySteve Jackson (with the special participation of), Johan K. Robson
Original Design byRémi Herbulot, Johan K. Robson, Philippe Ulrich
Additional ProgrammingRémi Herbulot, Olivier Robin, Pascal Urro
3DO version byFrédéric Nespoulous
CD32 version byRosan Desirabel
CD‑i version byAlain Saffray
VoicesPaul Bandey, Kim Michelle Broderick, Patrick Floersheim, Steve Gadler, David Gasman, Roger Lumont, Edward Marcus, Gay Marshall, Mike Marshall, Karen Strassman, Yannick Vail, Michel Vigné
Lip synchRegina Bolly, Thierry Carado, Jean-Marc Delon, Danièle Herbulot
Directed byRémi Herbulot
ProducerDiarmid Clarke
Executive ProducerJon Norledge
Quality Assurance bySimon Keith Humber, John Martin, Sacha Tait, Michael Wenn
VIE Quality Assurance DirectorDavid Maxey
VIE Quality Assurance ManagerStacey Mendoza
VIE Quality AssuranceGordon L. Madison Jr.
Design and Artwork CoordinatorDavid Miller
Manual DesignMick Lowe Design
Packaging DesignBlue Source

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Credits for this game were contributed by poo body (39), Xoleras (66813) and Accatone (5351)