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The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Rose Tattoo Credits

168 people (147 developers, 21 thanks)

For Electronic Arts

Story and Game DesignR. J. Berg
Development & ImplementationJeff Glazier, John A. Williams
Technical DirectorCraig Suko
Sound & Music DirectorRob Hubbard
MusicMarshall Crutcher
Sound DesignMarc Farly, David Whittaker
Assistant ProducersJeff Glazier, John A. Williams
Associate ProducerStephen Murray
ProducerR. J. Berg
Product Testing ManagerKurt Hsu
Product Testing (Lead)Jesse Abney
Product TestingSean Baity, Bruce Brand, Nathan Cummins, Fred Dieckmann, Albert Roberson
Asset ManagerBeth Comstock
Product Marketing TeamJonathan Harris, Dany Brooks, Elizabeth Egan
DocumentationValerie E. Hanscom
Documentation Design and LayoutCorinne Mah
Package Art Direction & DesignCorey Higgins
Package IllustrationNick Backes
Special Thanks to the Baker Street IrregularsMurray Allen, Michael Becker, Luc Barthelet, Beth Comstock, Jeni Day, Phil Engstrom, Bing Gordon, Jerry Newton

For Mythos Software

Director of DevelopmentDavid Wood
Room DevelopmentTroy Harris, Matt Stenger, Beth Foley
Lead ProgrammerJohn Dunn
Additional ProgrammingJames M. Ferguson, Donald Forbes
3D ArtistsMike Flores, Dan Lyons
2D Artists / Character AnimationHans Homberg, Thaddeus Neal, Jaime Velasquez, Juan Villescas, Chris Wood, Scott Mavor
Studio EngineerJames Dunn
Filming and Special FXGregory A. Humphrey, Miles Marshall
Casting Coordinator/Property MistressJudy Wood

Testing Support & Localisation

QA Configuration Lab CoordinatorTony Lam, Bill Kim
QA Configuration Lab TechniciansCrispin Hands, D'Arcy Gog, Colin Cox, Ted Nugent, Paul Breland
Configuration Lab CoordinatorTony Lam
Quality Assurance TestersSteven Nix, Paul Niehaus
Translation SupervisorDominique Goy
TranslationsSonia Yazmadjian, Rolf D. Busch
German LocalisationBianca Normann
German TranslationRolf D. Busch, Thomas Holle
German Voices Recorded atStudio M&S - Frankfurt

Voice Characterizations (English)

Sherlock HolmesJarion Monroe
Dr. WatsonRoger Labon Jackson
Mrs. HudsonCoralie Persee
WigginsPaul Vincent Black
Sound EngineerJon Grier (Music Annex)
ProTools SpecialistDavid Cuetter


PlayersGeorge Gregg (as Sherlock Holmes & Professor Moriarty), Matt Stenger, Don Rydman, Sheila Knotts (credited as Shiela Knotts), Shelly Rydman, Don Knotts, Steve Heathcote, Myra Potts, Helen Burkey, Christine Lindstrom, Marcell Martin, Troy Martin, Laura Lindstrom, Danielle Lindstrom, Nathan Hill, Wes Grant, Steven Hill, Walter Wood, Lori Burke, Christie Klein, Jeff Ferris, Herb Simmons (credited as Herv Simmons), Anne Field, Bob Stiffler, Luke Brandt, Sandy Brandt, Savannah Brandt, John Barber, John West, Rudy Turk, Ike Guess, Louis Basille, Jeremy Wood, Keith Kealey, Troy Harris, Scott Leitch, Renee Schmuki, Roger Stidam, Bill Wood, Grant Brummett, Steve Olenski, Tony Walker, Juan Villescas, Mike Flores, Dan Lyons, Judy Wood, Hans Homberg, Beth Foley, Jaime Velasquez (credited as Jamie Velasquez), David Wood, Thaddeus Neal, J. Wyatt Earp, Chris Wood, James Dunn, James M. Ferguson, Gregory A. Humphrey, Miles Marshall, Scott Mavor, Tina Behrens, Joan Neibich, David Myers, Anna Braga, Mike Goodwin, Zeke Gutierrez, Carson Sanford, Bernie La Magna, Louis Anthony Russo, Ryan Murphy, Laura Campana, Bret Dorsett, Jeff Rollins, Don Weaver, Jim Gulliford, C.J. Joiner, Dan Cervilli, Sean T. Hoy, Eldon Post, Kristi Hoy, Steve Riedler, Paul Tillwach, Donny Clow, Jim Diana, Phil Engstrom, Ray Baxter, Mark Turvin, John Graham, Mark Ortiz, Louise Ungro, Luke Hill, Kim Isaacson, Maggie Tang, Magic Jackson
Special Thanks toMardi Gras Costumes, C. W. Moody Presents, Kathryn Engstrom (at the Library of Congress), Rick Adams, Lee Adams, Phil Engstrom
Make-UpKathi Buss
Costume AlterationsJoan Neibich
Animal TrainerRob Sanders
Animal HandlersJim Diana, Gloria Diana
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were created byArthur Conan Doyle
Use of Sherlock Holmes characters here by arrangement withJean Conan Doyle
General MIDI Timbres for Yamaha OPL-2 & OPL-3 based sound cards were produced byGeorge Alistair Sanger (as The Fat Man)
General MIDI Timbres for Yamaha OPL-2 & OPL-3 based sound cards were developed byK. Weston Phelan, George Alistair Sanger
-Certain photographs supplied by the Hulton-Getty Collection., Certain photographs copyright 1996 Corbis-Bettman and used with permission.
EA wishes to give special thanks toTheir families and friends who stuck with them through the brutal final stages of development of this title: Theresa, Nicole, Kira, Cassidy, Lindsey, Julie, Katy, Justin and Laura


CluebookR. J. Berg, Valerie E. Hanscom
German TranslationRolf D. Busch
Special Thanks ToJesse Abney, Sean Baity, Bruce Brand, Nathan Cummins, Albert Roberson
Cluebook LayoutAnita K. Legg

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (66415), formercontrib (158000), Corn Popper (68841), Iggi (30969), -Chris (7769) and smurray (91)

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