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The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Rose Tattoo Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Game Title
Starting the game as Watson
Asking Wiggins for help
Game map
Traveling to St. Mary's Hospital
Speaking to the coroner
Inside the patient's ward
At the Diogenes Club: Examining a broken clock
Traveling back to Baker St.
Doing a little experiment
Finally got Sherlock out of his room
Looks like we've got him motivated to take the case!
Talking to Jonas
Traveling to Scotland Yard
Talking to Augie
Must win the game to get information from Augie
Inside Scotland Yard
At the hospital: Sherlock expresses his feelings towards the matron
Checking out Dr. Watson's journal
Year! A truly booooooring day (intro)
Look like this isn't a boring day at all! (intro)
Mycroft sits peacefully in his room, not knowing about the danger... (intro)
... until after this explosion that drives his brother to insane at this very moment (intro)
Sherlock: I have some work for you too: please SHUT YOURSELF AND LEAVE ME ALONE! >( (intro)
Outside the club
Sherlock in the morgue
Sherlock: oh shut up, Forbes! Imagine you are me, how can you solve this mystery without investigating the crime scene?
Outside Mycroft's flat
And inside his flat
Sherlock wants to return to his childhood again :))
The past...
A nice Kung-fu action!
Where do you think you're going?
A mini game
Sherlock's room
How sweet! I wish I could capture Sherlock's violin sound!
One of the things I hate most in this game is the way Sherlock dresses himself. Waiting for him to finish dressing can be very irritating
Simplified Chinese version Title screen 1
Simplified Chinese version title screen 2
Simplified Chinese version installation screen
Simplified Chinese version Holmes complaining about no work to do.
Simplified Chinese version - in the ward with Mycroft
Simplified Chinese version - how do you get in?
Simplified Chinese version - inside the blown club
Simplified Chinese version - showing the ring to the guard
describing the suspect
entering East-End
meeting and old friend
wandering in the East-End
library of the ministry
white hall