The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The title screen.
From the intro: The murderer flees the scene of the crime.
From the intro: Holmes and Watson get ready to move.
Holmes examines the victim. You've got to discover details like scratches and marks.
Loyal helper Watson introduces Holmes to suspects.
A visit to Scotland Yard and meeting with Inspector Lestrade.
Holmes studies corpses at the morgue.
Holmes adds a calling card to his inventory (bottom of screen).
Dialogues are multiple-choice.
As the game progresses, new locations are added to the city map.
Lost Files nicely boils down an opera performance to the essentials.
Holmes offers a sample of his famous deductive skills.
Watson's journal is a convenient source of information.
Holmes has traced an important item to this pawn shop.
You will conduct experiments in Holmes chemical home laboratory.
If a life is at stake, Holmes doesn't shy manual labour -- be it pushing crates around.
Holmes and Watson make a nuisance of themselves in a distinguished upper-class shop.
Even London's aristocracy is suspect.
The reliable hound Toby has led Holmes and Watson to the docks.
A cutscene: A despairing suspect executes himself.
Modern sport stars could learn from this guy.
Ah, the zoo! Unfortunately, our heroes are not here for recreation.
Dramatical rescue of a lady...
...and an impressive explosion.
In-game mini-game: Play darts with pub customers.
Talking to a young lady.
Time to bust up this shame operation!
An apartment.
Opera house lobby.
Outside the police station.
Lawyer's office.
221B Baker Street.
Talking with someone.
A small flat.
Kids playing nearby.
A ladies' shop.
Office lobby.