Lost Secret of the Rainforest Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Main menu
Title screen (German)
Introduction sequence: the broken child of Forest Heart
Let the games begin!
Polly wanna cracker?
Arrival at the rainforest
Meeting a somewhat unfriendly monkey. You'll understand him better once you realize what your human brothers did to his homeland
Up the tree - the mad bird
Over the village
The shaman's hut
Adam's initiation into the tribe
A ceremony inside the trunk of Forest Heart
Look what humans do to the rainforest...
The Black Jaguar's riddles
Oh, come on... I don't want to look like a pig...
Some scenes reveal such close-ups for more detailed interaction
Drum puzzle: play a specific melody you learn in another place
A cutscene showing Adam's meeting with a prominent bat character
Exploring the villain's lair! Look how cruel he is to animals... The interface is above - note the special bat icon
This is actually a simple task - you'll just need to be a little bit attentive to find the password
No ecologically-progressive work is complete without a scene where birds are being released and the villains are unhappy about it
Adam and Paquita travel on a boat, a desolate landscape behind them...
A hippie bat musician! Man, I love such characters in adventure games...
A beautiful river bank near a cave
Displaying your inventory during the final quarter of the game
A conversation with an eagle
Empress Eagle flies off with Adam to find his father
No Latin America-inspired game is complete without an ancient labyrinth!
Over the ancient ruins - tourists have been here too...
Hmm... can you solve this one?
A magnificent view with islands - one of the game's final locations
The Fountain of Youth