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Lure of the Temptress Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
From the Introduction
This is where you start the game...
You will be having tough moments within the game...
While giving a empty bottle to a prisoner...
Walking in the town of Turnvale (After you managed to escape from the prison...)
Always be careful when you talk with Skorls!
Asking Edwina if she's seen Taidgh...
Outside Goewin's Apothecary, in front of a skorl...
In the Monk's Lodge...
Created with the (much hyped) Virtual Theatre technology
Look at the peasants in the field and the nice backdrop (from intro)
Approaching the battlefield
Awaiting unexpected enemy (the Skorl)
In the cell you even get to play a peeping Tom! ;)
Talking to a beggar at the village center
Castle Gate - Each area has a description on it by activating the command "Look"
That ride through the sewer tunnel was better than Disneyland!
Ratpouch - Former jester/serf on rack now your faithful servant. A rare example for an adventure game to have companions.
A serf on a rack - One of the many torture devices during the middle ages. The rack is guaranteed increase your height (through a very painful process) by several inches!
Skorls maybe big brutes, but they sure aren't smart in the IQ department. This particular Skorl prison guard is now the new inhabitant of your former jail cell.
Turnvale's dungeons
Escape from Turnvale's dungeons
Turnvale's surroundings
View through shop window
Luthern workshop
Skorl and Selena
Potions lab
Ratpouch in the courtyard
Talk with Mallin
Ewan shop
Dragon's lair
Chat in the dark cave
Entering castle
Operating winch
Last warden is dead
Creating a diversion
Drinking a potion to let you change shape into Selena to rescue a captive girl
At the local store
Title screen (EGA)
Opening puzzle (EGA)