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Written by  :  Alan Chan (3618)
Written on  :  Nov 24, 1999
Platform  :  DOS

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Not bad if you can get it for a buck

The Good

I liked the whole western-style theme, although this is more of a personal quality than anything to do with gameplay.

The PC conversion is a faithful adaption to the arcade version, so if you liked the arcade version but were lousy with the laser-gun (like me) you might have better luck with the mouse.

There's also a save/load feature and unlimited continues, so even if you get killed a hundred times you can still keep playing right to the end (very useful considering the difficulty of some scenes).

I also liked not having to shell out 2 quarters a game. Hehehe.

Say what you will about everyone else in the game, but I thought the undertaker was damn funny. Especially when you went around gunning down innocents.

The Bad

The video quality was just plain awful, making the game almost unplayable in some scenes because you couldn't see the bad guys until they actually shot you.

The shot-detection is a little flawed in some scenes, making gameplay a bit frustrating.

The Bottom Line

This game really isn't worth the price of a retail buy. No, correct that, it is ABSOLUTELY NOT worth the price of a retail buy. However, if you can get it for a dollar or two at a garage sale or online auction, it is good for a few hours of fun blowing away redneck cowboys. And it'll save you a whole bunch of quarters.