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Kids to Adults
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Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds Credits

67 people (61 developers, 6 thanks)


Project LeaderAlan Wright
Engine ProgrammingGlenn Corpes
Lead ProgrammingAlan Wright
ProgrammingMark Adami, Mark Lamport
Lead ArtistEoin Rogan
Graphics and ArtFindlay McGechie, Darren Thomas
Introductory SequenceChris Hill
ScriptingSean Masterson
Level DesignVince Farquharson, Sean Masterson, Barry Meade, Adrian Moore
Sound & MusicRussell Shaw
Voice OversHugo Myatt
Technical SupportMichael Burnham, Kevin Donkin
PRCathy Campos, Sean Ratcliffe
MarketingCathy Campos, Sean Ratcliffe
PlayguideNeil Cook, Sean Masterson
Playguide DesignRachel Close
German TranslationAntje Hink
TestingJustin Amore, Peter Blow, Jeffrey Brutus, Robert Byrne, Andrew Cakebread, Kenneth Chan, Barry Clarke, Symeon Cosburn, Mike Diskett, Richard Elliot, Luke Ferris, Steve Fitton, Andrea da Silva-Goncalves, Nick Hannah, Graham Harbour, Peter Hughes, Darren Jones, Ken Malcolm, Mike Man, Christopher Mitchell, Phil Norton, Andrew Nuttall, Gerard O'Donaghue, Barry Parker, Charlie Right, Andy Robson, David Rogan, Eoin Rogan, Simon Romans, M. Rowbottom, James Smith, Mark Stacey, Matt Sullivan, Andrew Trowers, Richard Velanti, Robert O'Connell, Tom Aldridge
Thanks To Denis, Jo Goodwin, Kathy McEntee, Audrey Adams, Sian Jones, Emma Gibbs
QAIain Hancock, Ian Hawkins, Giuseppe D'Amaro, Simon Romans, Symeon Cosburn
ProducerSean Cooper

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tomer Gabel (4643) and formercontrib (158442)