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Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Intro: The mighty Vissuluth terrorizes the realms of the Netherworlds
Intro: But the wizard Kafkar knows a promising apprentice who may stand up to him
The main menu looks like some kind of altar
In MC2 you gain power/resources by possessing the mana of monsters you've slain (golden mana balls are unpossessed, silver mana balls are possessed by me). These goats are easy targets
You possess mana balls by casting your possession spell. These red balls are currently possessed by the enemy wizard Nyphur.
You need that mana to cast spells, like this lightning spell I'm firing at a group of cimmerians
After you've possessed mana balls, your balloon will pick them up (this may take some time) and store them safely... your castle. Expand your castle by casting the castle spell (does require mana). A high level castle allows you to cast high level spells (if collected). Your castle also acts as your spawn point
The almighty Vissuluth (about to kick the bucket)
In the story mode you get new spells by collecting jars like this one the roof. Fireflies, devils and cimmerians are crawling all over this building
Belix, Rahn & Nyphur are some of the other wizards that are present in the Netherworlds. They are your adversaries. Also in this shot; a group of mana-draining skeletons and a mana-worm
The other wizards will attack you and your castle. Here Nyphur meets the defensive power of my lightning tower (an upgraded castle) while I attack him with the fireball spell
Press return to enter the map mode (see how the game world "wraps" around infinitely). The beyond sight spell temporarily shows the location of the other wizards and their balloons.
This table shows how many times each wizard has killed the other ones and how much mana he has (how powerful he is). The player takes on the role of Zanzamar (you can change that name BTW)
In the story mode you travel from level to level on this map of the Netherworlds. The story is told in small text messages like this one
Ctrl brings up the spell menu. There are 26 different spells to collect & 3 versions of each spell available (III is the best, but requires more mana). I can't cast the dark blue spells yet
One of the coolest spells; the volcano spell. In MC2 you can completely transform the landscape of each level with spells like this one
The earthquake spell lets you dig tunnels through solid rock. A very useful spell during cave levels
Firing a meteor at a dragon and two worms inside a dark cave
Hit by a web fired by one of these spiders
Jark & Belix attacking Nyphur. You need kill the wizard and destroy his castle to banish him from the realm (level)
These devils are being thrown into the air by my whirlwind spell
A group of manticores comes storming straight at me in a snowy mountain region. They fire green projectiles that slow you down
Monsters will sometimes fight amongst each other. Here a group of skeleton archers takes on a bunch of devils. The player can wait and collect the mana after the battle
Fear the mighty Hydra, the strongest monster in the game. Don't approach it without having cast your rebound spell
Some realms are inhabited by neutral people. In this level you have to save them from a wyvern that is destroying their city
Selecting a skin and a map for a multiplayer game. This scary fellow is Belix