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Magic Carpet Credits (DOS)

Kids to Adults
ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Magic Carpet Credits


Lead ProgrammingSean Cooper, Mark Huntley
ProgrammingSimon Carter, Glenn Corpes, Phillip Jones
Level / Scenario DesignJonty Barnes, Sean Masterson, Barry Meade, Daniel Russell, Alex Trowers
Graphics / ArtworkTony Dawson, Mark Healey, Michael Man, Findlay McGechie, Paul McLaughlin, Barry Meade, Eoin Rogan
MusicRussell Shaw
SoundRussell Shaw
ProductionSean Ratcliffe
DocumentationNeil Cook
Executive ProducerPeter Molyneux
ProducerSean Cooper, Matthew Webster
Associate ProducerMichael Cooper
Assistant ProducerChris Hill
Project ManagerLes Edgar
PlaytestingMark Bergan, Paul Boulden, Jamie Bradshaw, Andrew Cakebread, Mike Diskett, Kevin Donkin, C. A. Garner-Hamilton, Julian Glover, Nick Goldsworthy, Graham Harbour, Stuart Hastings, Danny Isaac, Darren King, Mark Lamport, Kevin Locke, Paul Lockley, Roderic Mathison, Tristan Paramor, Randine Perry, Scott Rawlinson, Erin D. Roberts, Andrew Robins, Mat Solomom, Darren Tuckey, Mark Webley
Quality AssuranceRichard Gallagher, Dan Gossett, Alex Camilleri, Thomas Rudowicz
Special Thanks ToJo Goodwin, Sue Mumford, Kathy McEntee
Engine Programmed ByGlenn Corpes
Introductory Sequence byChris Hill
Introductory SupportMichael Man, Paul McLaughlin, Eoin Rogan, Sean Masterson
Audio TechnologyHuman Machine Interfaces
Technical AssistantKevin Donkin
PR ManagementCathy Campos
Technical DocumentationPeter Murphy
German TranslationAntje Hink

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