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Magic Carpet Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Magic Carpet Logo
Dragon burning the city (from the spectacular intro sequence)
Loading the game (Floppy Disk version)
Loading the game (CD-ROM version)
Outside of a native village
Two giant worms attacking!
A fortress built on a small island
Overhead map. You can still see your POV in the upper right view.
A small unsuspecting village.
A large house reflected in it's private pond.
A jump-gate that leads out to the water.
A murder of crows over the sea.
Ghouls suddenly appeared!
A long gorge splits this level.
What exactly are those statues doing?
Flying really fast over the water.
You'd better get outta there Alladin.
Trapped inside a fort.
A genie appears!
Collecting mana orbs.
A balloon way off in the distance.