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Magic & Mayhem for Heretic Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Loading the biggest WAD included: APOCALYP.WAD
Starting Apocalyp
Very quickly you get new weapons and face multiple enemies
2nd level of Apocalyp feature a large outdoor area in which there is always much going on
Overhead map of Apocalyp map 2
Starting the 2nd-largest WAD, Artifact
The combat is fast and furious here
I died in a flickering-light zone. That means that now that I'm dead, unlike when I was alive, you can see what was attacking me.
Starting the 3rd-largest WAD, Blotwalz
Enough of this namby pambying around -- if I'm going to be fighting giant cyclone-shooting skulls, I'm going to have God mode on, by gum!
Wielding the Dragon's Claw
In Blotwalz level 2
Plenty of power-ups hereabouts
The designers power the player up immediately upon entering the level, then throw reams and reams of strong enemies against the player.
Once they're all slain, it's rather peaceful.
Taking a bird's-eye-view with the "Wings of Wrath" activated.