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Magic of Endoria Credits (DOS)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Magic of Endoria Credits


DevelopmentGerman Design Group
DesignRalf Gelfand, Andreas Adamek, Rüdiger Rinscheidt
ProgrammingRalf Gelfand, Jörg Prenzing, Michael Rüve
SupportMichael Strauch, Andreas Arens
ArtworkAndreas Adamek, Matthias Weischede, Ingo Mesche, Andreas Ernst
SoundJochen Hess, Norbert Schmidt
TestingRüdiger Rinscheidt, Andreas Adamek, Andreas Ernst
RulebookRüdiger Rinscheidt, The Dark One
Project LeadRalf Gelfand, Rüdiger Rinscheidt
Project Lead at SUNFLOWERSRalph Becker, Arne Peters
Published and produced bySUNFLOWERS GmbH
Distributed byBOMICO GmbH
German 3.5" Disk release cover illustration byIngo Römling
German CD-ROM release cover illustration byJürgen Lacher

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