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Mah Jongg is a solitaire tile-matching game first invented on the computer in 1981. It can best be described as a memory & strategy puzzle game. The images on the tiles are from the 19th century Chinese game of Mah Jongg (a board game for four players).

One tile set comes standard with the unregistered version. Registered users receive special files making it possible to create their own tile sets and use other pre-designed ones.


Mah Jongg Solitaire DOS Help Page 3 - Matching Rules
Mah Jongg Solitaire DOS Help Page 1 - Object of the game
Mah Jongg Solitaire DOS Help Page 2 - Tile descriptions
Mah Jongg Solitaire DOS Setup Screen

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Alternate Titles

  • "Mahjongg Solitaire" -- alternate spelling
  • "Mah Jongg Deluxe" -- boxed version, with printed manual
  • "Mah Jongg" -- Original release name

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One of my favorite time-wasters! ex_navynuke! (48) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars

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Patch logs

NEW IN 4.2:

Players with a mouse installed now have the option of playing with the arrow keys ("keyboard mouse") by way of setup screen selection or command line option " -m1".

Tournament players can now end a tournament game by entering the tournament setup screen, thus allowing another player to play the tournament game without having to quit first.

Fixed bug in which some tile sets in a large .zip file were not displayed in file selection listing.

When viewing a tile set you now have the additional option of viewing its associated text file (if one is found). This only works if the text file has the exact same name as the tile set but with an extension of .DOC or .TXT.

When selecting files you can jump around in the list by hitting any letter which will then find the first file that begins with that letter.

Sequential board numbers now works with any board layout.

NEW IN 4.1:

Multiple sets of tiles can now be kept in a single archive file.

NEW IN 4.0:

Tile sets can be kept in archived files.

Peek function: lets you view any remaining tiles at the end of a game.

End of game (no more moves) can now be detected automatically if desired.

Next board can now be either sequential or random.

Keyboard players can choose to not require hitting the Enter key after entering coordinates.

Statistics can now be shown automatically when you win a game if desired.

Text files (i.e., documentation, order forms, etc.) can now be viewed or printed from within the game.

Mouse control added to setup menu, file selection lists, etc.

Different board arrangements in addition to the traditional "dragon" layout are now available.

Command line option -u changed to allow either a specific tile set to be loaded or a randomly selected tile set.

Bug fix to statgen related to timed games.

The confirm move option now defaults to off (don't require confirmation of moves).

The F8-tile set view screen now includes the tile artist's name.

Extensive changes to Tile Maker.

NEW IN 3.51:

The changes made to board number handling in v3.5 broke the -b command line option; this is now fixed

Previous versions only allowed 200 option tile set files in a directory; this limit has now been increased to 400

NEW IN 3.5:

Mouse users can now access the "see tiles played" function (which is still available by hitting the F2 key) by right clicking on the help "key" on the left side of the screen

Time function (available in setup screen or from command line option " -t") displays a timer that counts up from 0:00; old count down timer option is still available as before; stats kept of fastest won game if either timer function is used

Stats keeps track of last board played so that each time you start up the game you'll automatically get the next consecutive board number

A small number of people seem to have problems with the fireworks display after winning a board; a command line option -x now allows the fireworks to be disabled

Tile Maker now displays a blank tile face when doing a clear

Tile Maker now allows loading from PCX pictures

Tile Maker has new color change tool

Tile Maker now updates tile set viewed by "re-read" and "view last" functions when a tile is saved to disk

Tile Maker undo function enhanced

NEW IN 3.4:

Stats file "MAHSTATS" now defaults to current directory

Tile files can be selected from a list instead of by name in setup screen

Hitting F8 displays the currently loaded tile set

Saved games are now selected from a list, as games are now saved with the filename MAH#####.SAV where ##### is the board number

Keyboard 'mouse' allows keyboard users to play using arrow keys instead of entering coordinates

NEW IN 3.3:

Alternate tile sets can be used

Y/N prompts can be disabled

New "victory" screen

NEW IN 3.2:

"Boss Mode" has been replaced by a true shell to DOS

Records kept of boards played and won: If the current board has been played before, an asterisk will appear next to the board number; if the board has been won, the word "WON" will appear next to the board number

Separate statistics generator program displays your stats plus list of boards played and won

Improved accuracy of average score statistic

Automatically enables mouse play if mouse driver detected

Exit screen written directly to memory instead of using ANSI

NEW IN 3.1:

Stats no longer overflow

Stats now correctly update when you win a game

Tournament setup screen now available during game

Automatically detects EGA and Hercules cards

Monochrome EGA selectable for LCD laptop computers

Command line parameters can be made permanent using setup program (available to registered users only)

NEW IN 3.0:

Runs in Hercules graphics mode

Game statistics kept for current game and for all games played

Undo command (both forward and backward)

Setup screen available during game

Tile corners now display properly

NEW IN 2.7:

Fixed bug in tournament mode (stats weren't being saved)

A list of all pairs of tiles played so far is available by hitting the F2 key

NEW IN 2.6:

Mouse cursor color is now selectable from command line or setup screen

When playing a tournament game your score was not always saved if you completed the board; this is now fixed

NEW IN 2.4:

Help screen -- hit F1 to get a list of commands, options, and some basic playing tips

"Boss Mode" -- hit F10 to hide the game and display a harmless looking disk directory

New tournaments can be started from within the tournament setup screen

After winning a game, answering "Y" to play again gives you a different board instead of the same one over again

Requesting to quit when selecting the second tile now asks for a confirmation

NEW IN 2.3:

Columns entered as letters instead of numbers; rows and columns can be entered in any order as a result

Several tiles redrawn

NEW IN 2.2:

ATI EGAWonder card problem work around added

Mouse cursor display sped up (possible fix to NEC EGA card problem of not showing mouse cursor)

NEW IN 2.1:

Help on 2nd tile selection (find match to 1st tile if any)

Help available with right mouse button as a short-cut

Error messages can be cancelled by clicking the mouse

Confirmation required for mouse action "keys" to prevent accidents

NEW IN 2.0:

Mouse support

Setup screen, allows access to all game options more easily than through command line options

Tournament play

Selectable background color

New commands during play
A (play same board Again)
N (play New board)

More command line options
-cx (background Color)
-r (Restart saved game)
-m (use Mouse)

More authentic tile appearance

Faster tile displaying

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