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Man Enough Credits (DOS)

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Man Enough Credits


WriterKevin Foster
DirectorKevin Foster
Director of PhotographyJohn Breedlove
ProducerDonald C. Soper
StarringTonia Keyser
FeaturingAndrea Barabona, Zena Begletzoff, Beth Cory, Sabreen Hurt, Lisa Noble, Ken Parks
StylistDana Wheat
Set ConstructionJoe Fialho
Cover PhotographyKeith Seaman
Package and Sleeve DesignGreg Steffen
ProgrammingDavid Mace, Robert Eric Heitman, Ron Flinders
Music DirectorKen Allen
Video TechnicianDesie Hartman, John Jarrett
Quality AssuranceBecky Jarrett, Katherin Heitman
ContinuitySol Ackerman, Jesse James
Stunt DoublesRenee de Roche, Michael Obradovich
Thanks toLeigh [at Maximus Recording Studios; Fresno - CA], Ralph-man [at Maximus Recording Studios; Fresno - CA], Jeff [at Maximus Recording Studios; Fresno - CA], Jack and the Crew at Fat Jack's in Fresno - CA, Weber Motors in Fresno - CA, DVC of Visalia - CA, Mike Woolf (Dr. - way to go!), Randy Cox (way to go!), Andy Kessler (for the televisual push)

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159304) and Macs Black (80151)