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The Manager Credits


IdeaWerner Krahe, Jens Onnen, KRON software simulations
ProgrammerRalph Noeske
GraphicsTobias J. Richter, Sebastian Dosch
Graphics layoutWerner Krahe, Jens Onnen
Title musicSven Appel
Digi‑soundsWerner Krahe, Jens Onnen
Scoring ChancesJürgen Krahe, Werner Krahe, Markus Bergmann
Manual TextJens Onnen, Manfred Kleimann, Astrid Ruben, Jeff Morten, Alpha CRC Ltd.
LayoutMarc Wardenga, Selling Points GmbH, Alpha CRC Ltd.
IllustrationsMichael Hellmich, Selling Points GmbH
Test playersMarkus Bergmann, Jürgen Krahe, Werner Krahe, Jens Onnen, Olaf Ernst

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Credits for this game were contributed by Karsa Orlong (144880)