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    The Orbs are back, and San Francisco's got 'em.

    A plague of terrifying alien invaders has overrun San Francisco, spreading horror, tyranny, and death. You are their pawn -- a manhunter.

    Hunt your own kind ofr San Francisco's alien masters in this thrilling and horrifying adventure game. Use a portable computer and detailed city maps to aid you in your pursuit of renegade humans. Risk your life by turning against the Orbs to work for the cause of free humanity.

    On your way, you may discover the answers to life-and-death questions such as: Why is the Transamerica Pyramid being covered by a mysterious mound? Why are putrid red gases spewing from Coit Tower? Why are citizens of San Francisco vanishing, never to be seen again? Why are you working for these creeps?

    Action-packed adventure meets creeping horror in this eerie game from the designers of Manhunter: New York.


    • More than 250 detailed and realistic pictures.
    • Gruesom closeups, sophisticated visual effects and shifting points of view.
    • Arcade sequences with variable difficulty levels to challenge your speed and reflexes.
    • No typing interface for ease of play.

    Contributed by Trixter (9125) on Mar 01, 1999.