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Manic Miner DOS Title screen


Published by
Developed by
Written by  :  dusoft (55)
Written on  :  Jan 05, 2003
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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Old time's classics comes to PC! A must!

The Good

Manic Miner is the perfect remake of the old Sinclair ZX-Spectrum version. It has even the great music and sounds (now playable on all soundcards) and is decently colorful. It is really a must for all players who started their computer careers at eight-bit computers.

The Bad

Great remake, no bugs.

The Bottom Line

Manic Miner is and old time's classic and first appeared at Sinclair ZX-Spectrum immediately gaining the immortal fame and success. This platform-like game with Manic Miner as the main actor featured over 20 different rooms where player was supposed to get all the keys and then continue through unlocked door to another cave. Player's time was limited by air supply. Later on it was followed by another successful game Jet Set Willy created by the same author.

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