Written by  :  dave c (1)
Written on  :  Jan 30, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Sickest game ever.

The Good

This was the original GTA-style game. Go around cities with your crew on a distant planet sparkin the .... out of anyone you want to with a huge range of weapons. You can even train yourself up and learn new skills to do well. Even go and play in the casinos when youre bored! When I was little this was my favourite game for about 3 years and I never got bored of it once. I even remember playing it for 6 solid hours one night and I had to sneak back downstairs to play it when my mum had sent me to bed. The game really develops over time as well. Assuming you arent one of these people who can beat any game in a day, this will take you a long while to complete but wont get boring once.

The Bad

The only thing I dont like is that most people nowadays probably havent heard of this game. And if they played it now they probably wouldnt really get the appeal cos the graphics are obviously not up to the modern-day games. Aside from wanting to point that out to anybody who doesnt realise what old games looked like, the game doesnt have a single problem.

The Bottom Line

If you can play old games and not feel like you're being cheated on graphics or whatever, then you should check this out. The only thing more fun in life is going out on the streets and battling real-life thugs and cops!! hehe