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Math Assault I: Word Problems Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game's start screen. After this the player configures the game, how many players, player id's etc
Each player enters their name. The game allows a decent length of name which makes a refreshing change.
There are three game difficulty settings, three number difficulty settings to choose from
At the start of the game the player is presented with several screens outlining the story
At the end of the game's preamble the player is summoned to see Zeus. Here they are being given a lift by Iris, Zeus' assistant.
The meeting with Zeus and the backstory to level one. The player starts off as a thief and ascends through the classes to become a gladiator.
The map of Greecia showing the eight levels. Level one is in Troy where the mayor's daughter has been kidnapped
The start of level one. This screen shows that function keys F1-F5 will change weapons while others will invoke magic spells, summon Iris or get help
One of the number problems. Answering these builds up the characters strength
The rewards for answering a question quickly and correctly
If an incorrect answer is given the player gets additional chances but the rewards diminish.
There are three rooms in the chamber of numbers, or three sets of questions, to be completed. As the player progresses they are congratulated on their progress.
After completing the third set of questions the player is deemed ready to combat the first/next baddie. Before that happens though Zeus promotes the player to the next rank
A combat screen. The good looking guy in the middle is a baddie, so are the pretty pink birds. The player's character is the ape-man doing a somersault on the right hand ladder
The in-game configuration options
Action keys can be redefined
In addition to their weapons the player can collect and use potions. These appear in the middle window on the right.
There is a save game option. When a game is saved it records the player's progress on the high score table.
The shareware order form is displayed at the start of the game, before the artwork and all the configuration options.