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The Maze! Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

With the shareware game there's no load screen or no title page. After a brief load period the game starts here
The default weapon is the Ninja Kick. It looks like this
The kick is not a long range weapon. I'm sure the guard in front is laughing behind his mask as he pulls his gun. The schematic in the lower right shows damage as the other guard shoots me
Injured now but both guards are down. Unfortunately they do get back up again and start shooting very quickly.
Here a shotgun has been found. Its shown in the box on the lower left but is not deployed until the Enter key is pressed
This is more like it. Exploring while looking over a reassuring gun barrel. Bad news is there's only two bullets.
Shooting brown goo at a guard
A picture of a gooed up guard
This door requires a key to open it
Action keys cannot be redefined but they are at least documented