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Written by  :  J. David Taylor (28)
Written on  :  Nov 17, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Well, at least the graphics were nearly the same...

The Good

Saved Games. As for it being an adaption, it was all good, except for sound. It had AdLib music, which did not compare at all with the OST from the SNES, and I don't recall sound effects, either....hmm...As for Megaman X referring to both DOS and SNES versions (story, graphics, etc.) Graphics were great. The control was good, too. The story for this one is a bit more deep than the NES versions, and finally we're not chasing after Dr. Wily.(again) Sigma is an extremely tough boss, in all of his various shapes and sizes, which is the sort of thing a lot of games could do well with. The Sub tanks were a nice change from the E-tanks of the NES Megaman games. Nice hidden items, too! I mean, take the heart on Storm Eagle's level, for instance! (I didn't even know it existed for a while...)

The Bad

The ending was really lame. Also, the DOS version is extremely hard to find. Again, the Adlib music really was not that great. Lack of sound effects was a major loss. If possible I would reccommend to anyone who would like to play Megaman X, get the SNES version if possible. The DOS version is okay, but playing this one before the SNES version made me appreciate the original a lot more.

The Bottom Line

Follows the general idea of Megaman games with new twists that make it an original game, however, borrowing slights from the original NES series, therefore keeping it from being too radical. (as a megaman game) Definitely worth playing! (get the SNES version, though, if possible....)